You may know about sun signs and astrology. But have you ever heard about chart rulers?  According to Vedic astrology, a chart ruler is the complex part of astrology and is the ruling planet of signs found on the person’s chart’s ascendant or zodiac. This term is also known as Personal Ruler.  Are you curious to know about the meaning of chart ruler and houses meaning in the natal chart? Stick to the article and get to know about chart rulers in astrology. In the future, if you want to know about your natal chart, then you should know about your rising sign. Most people are not familiar with which planet rules sign; if you are one of them, then read the entire post. There are ten planets in the context of ruling planets, and all planets play a crucial role in your life. It is always important to know about the position by sign and position by the House in your natal chart.

Mars Chart Rules Aries Sign

Venus Chart Rules Taurus Sign

Mercury Chart Rules Gemini Sign

Moon Rules Cancer Rising Sign

Sun Rules Leo Rising Sign

Mercury Rules Virgo Sign

Venus Rules Libra Sign

Mars & Pluto Rules Scorpio

Jupiter Planet Rules Sagittarius

Saturn Rules Capricorn Rising Sign

Uranus & Saturn Rules Aquarius Rising Sign

Neptune & Jupiter Rules Pisces Rising Sign

It defines that- If any individual has Aries rising sign, then Mars will be the chart ruler. If a person has Taurus rising sign, then her/his chart ruler will be Venus, and so on. You might notice the changes in three zodiac signs. From the above zodiac signs, the rising signs have two chart rulers, i.e have a modern and traditional ruler.

For Pisces, the traditional ruler is Jupiter, and the modern ruler is Neptune. For Aquarius, the traditional ruler is Saturn, and the modern ruler is Uranus. For Scorpio, the traditional ruler is Mars, and the modern ruler is Pluto.

It is always better to look for both ruler’s positions in your natal charts if you are born with Scorpio, Aquarius, or Pisces Zodiac Sign. The chart rulers examine or define the central theme of our cosmic energy.  Once you know your zodiac sign and its ruling planet, you need to know which House the planet lives in and the sign it occupies.

For example, if your zodiac sign is Libra, look for a house and sign Venus, for example, Libra’s ruling planet is located. That will be your chart ruler. Keeping up?

The Chart Ruler in Houses 

When it comes to life predictions, life problems, and current situations of your life, the birth chart plays a crucial role, and the position of chart ruler is also essential.

Basically, the chart ruler signifies life areas that are crucial for your life or soul. Even you need to focus on more areas for a prosperous life. As per astrology, there is a difference between houses, zodiac signs, and planets. However, planets signify the energies around you and what happens; houses define the life areas fill with that energy, and the zodiac sign represents how the planets manifest.

Chart Ruler in First House

The placement of a chart ruler in the First House represents that you are focus on significant issues in your life. This position talks about your originality amd the impressions you make on others.

Develop your physical strength to lead your life and don’t think about others’ opinions.

Chart Ruler in Second House

The placement of a chart ruler in the second House defines self-worth via possessions and money.  You should know that the second House represents resources and assets. Apart from that, this House is also known as the House of values and having a solid value system is good for you.

Also, with the impact of the chart ruler, you can be possessive sometimes. Your priority is to live a comfortable life. In this House, feeling unworthy of love is a problem.

Chart Ruler in Third House

People who have their chart ruler in third House are communicative, bubbly, social, and a good traveler. This placement makes your feel genuine when you communicate with others. The downside side of chart ruler in this House is restlessness.

Chart Ruler in Fourth House

People with chart ruler in the fourth House loves their family and home. Love and family is the primary focus for people whose chart ruler is in the 4th House.

The individuals are family-oriented, emotional, and loving. This placement represents a rigid bond with parents. 

Chart Ruler in Fifth House

In the fifth House, the placement represents fun-loving people and self-expression. If your chart ruler is in the 5th House, then children will be your prority.

Chart Ruler in Sixth House

The Sixth House is known as the House of work and health, according to astrology. It also represents a workaholic feature of individuals, people with a strong sense of humor and duty. Your traits are reliability, modesty, and hard work. 

Chart Ruler in Seventh House

People with chart ruler in 7th house focus on one-on-one relationships.  You should know that this House rules relationships and marriages. This placement suggests you trust in yourself and make wise decisions.

Chart Ruler in Eighth House

If your chart ruler is in the eighth House, you will be a dark person and mysterious. Such types of people possess strong charisma. This placement defines a mysterious personality and people who need alone time.

The chart ruler in 8th House suggests some traits, including finances, psychology, investigation, and sexuality. Transformation is the central focus in this House as life-changing events happen all the time.

Chart Ruler in Ninth House

The placement of chart ruler in the ninth House defines people that seek activities involving philosophy, culture, religion, and law.

At some point in life, you can also move abroad with this placement.  If the fire is rigid in your natal chart, you will have extreme energy and an inspiring person.

Chart Ruler in Tenth House

People with chart rulers in the tenth House are career-oriented and want to build a significant career role reputation.

Chart Ruler in Eleventh House

The placement of the chart ruler in the 11th House represents an extrovert personality. In this placement, the social circle is essential for people. At the same time, you are popular among others and love to make friends. 

Another side of this placement is that individuality is essential for you sometimes. This particular House also represents humanitarian work or social work.

Chart Ruler in Twelfth House

People are sensitive and introverted with this placement. Sometimes, you tend to be shy and prefer to stay alone. This placement also defines some traits, including powerful intuition, confidence, and psychic abilities.

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