“I don’t think that people realise is that they’re being creative every day in their own lives already. Whether that’s reading a book, or even being on your phone, consuming Netflix, or listening to music on your way to work. You’re always consuming the arts. I think people should realise that more. And, when they connect to it, they feel much happier and it uplifts their mood. So I think that if people touched in more with their creative outlets, it would really help us.”

These wise words are not the teachings of an art professor, or the musings of a renowned journalist. Instead, they are the thoughts of a girl who has, like so many others, found solace in art during the lockdown period. All around the world, young people and children have found themselves suddenly without face-to-face schooling or education, and with no means of socialising with peers of their own age. With so much free time, and no outlet to explain how they’re feeling, they have turned to their creativity to express themselves and to keep themselves amused during what is otherwise an undoubtedly difficult time.

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Art can take a number of forms; the traditional idea of ‘fine art’ has long been cast aside, making room for a wider interpretation of the term. You do not have to create art to enjoy it: after all, art is made to be consumed, and to evoke emotion in others. Maybe, instead, it is our mindset that must shift. Next time you are watching a series or film on Netflix, absorb its cinematography, the way its script is written, or the costumes and make-up. Become an active consumer of these various art forms, and you may find that you start to connect with it more deeply, gaining more from it.

This past year has been all about finding pockets of joy in the every day. By really taking in the art which is all around you – in books, films, magazines, etc. – you may find that those pockets of joy are closer than you think.

Quotation taken from Reuters, licensed to Zaftyg LLC.

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