Virgo Rising, the functionals benefic planets and malefic planets in Vedic Astrology, let’s discus in this article. Welcome back to all of our students and welcome all new commers too! Virgo is the sixth natural sign in Vedic astrology, is one of the second highest feminine signs in Vedic astrology. This sign includes the nakshatra of uttaraphalguni, hastha, and Chitra. Virgo represents the qualities of perfectness and practicality, is highly calculative, and wants things to be neat and clean. So they are always very practical in making a decision. These signs are natural experts in solving problems and conflicts, so they are natural advisors and problem solvers for people. That’s why people always come to them and seek the best advice from them. At the same time, this is the sign that lord mercury gets exalted and moola trikona. That’s why these people are always experts in judging people and an expert in social management skills and best administrators. This person is always an expert in giving tasks to people based on skills. Jobs like marketing, software, accounts, auditing, and astrology are good for these signs.


Natural benefits of the Virgo

The four planets only considered natural benefic for the Virgo sign are planets such as Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Mercury. If we take venus, which rules the 2nd and 9th house for the Virgo signs, these people always gain more money and fame after marriage. And the family that will happen to them after marriage will be highly lovable and caring. At the same time, most of these natives have chances of getting the support of their fathers and gurus. Or guru-like persons in financial ways, and these people can make more money and comfort. Luxury life when they move to a long distance from their native place. If we take Saturn, which rules the natural 5th and 6th sign, which shows these people will get the children of highly mature and disciplined. At the same time, these natives’ childhood will also grow into highly mature way.

And kind of more restricted with routine, structure, and even serving others from a young age. But, at the same time, these people are very hard working and very structured and planned in their work, and they can easily win any complicated diseases and very tough competitions in life.

If we take Mercury which rules the natural 1st and 10th houses, as I said before, these people are highly calculative and business-oriented and marketing giants.

At the same time, they are perfect motivational speakers, counselors, and healers and have high chances in educational institutions. At the same time, they are experts in running schools and colleges on their own. Therefore, if we take about Rahu, as I said before, depending upon the sign it’s placed in, benefic it is conjunct or aspect, it will decide the benefic growth from Rahu.


Functional malefic for Virgo

The Sun, Moon, and Mars planets are functional malefic for Virgo rising or ascendants, the sun which rules the natural 12th house. At times, these Virgos may face setbacks because of the government. They live under and need to face heat-related issues during long travel. If the sun has benefic connections, this can result in a complete change.

If we take Mars, which rules the 3rd and 8th house for Virgos, these people are highly hardworking. They frequently try many times to achieve anything. Still, they need to face some problems because of the straightforward communication. At the same time, it rules the 8th house, so they will need to go for sudden surgeries at some point. They may even have a sudden loss of wealth or death during the Mars Dasa period in their life.

The Moon rules the 11th house; these people will always connect with network circles in highly emotional ways, but their neighbors are not constantly giving the same emotions to them. At the same time, they always have waxing and waning in their gains. They are highly profitable sometimes. They are not because the Moon rules the natural 11th for them.

Functional neutrals

Ketu and Jupiter are considered functional neutrals for Virgo rising. So Jupiter, which rules the 4th and 7th houses for Virgos and their mother, spouse, and business partners, will be highly spiritual. And like a good teacher and guide for them in life at the same time, Jupiter rules service and the sign lord Mercury rules business. Also, Jupiter wants respect, and Mercury wants profits. Because of this difference, Mercury and Jupiter are neutral to each other simultaneously. So Ketu needs to conjunct or aspect by benefics to behave a highly benefic or favorable outcome. And if it’s conjunct with mars or Saturn without any Jupiter, Venus, or a full moon influence, they must surely behave highly malefic.

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