Vedic remedies for Partial Solar Eclipse for our students from Contemporary Approach to Astrology Certification – Udemy Course. So, hello muses! As most of you know I study and practice both systems. But in my personal experience, I find Sidereal astrology to be precisely accurate with the correct time of birth for the ascendant, and of course, whatever the current running Dasa is will affect people differently. I don’t always share these on a regular basis, however, this is an auspicious time for me and I’d like to share at this time. Bharani does have Venus-like qualities, so remedies for strengthening your Venus can be observed such as wearing bright white, wearing silver 925, perfume, or genuine diamonds.

In Sidereal the Partial Solar Eclipse occurs in the following houses for each Vedic Ascendant. Please mind matters of each of these houses. The solar eclipse is occurring in the Nakshatra of Bharani. Bharani is the 2nd Nakshatra stationed at 13-20’ to 26-40’ in Aries and is the signifier of Lord Yama. These energies should last up to around 6 months.

This eclipse is auspicious for Gemini, Virgo, and Aquarius ascendants in Vedic. These signs should take caution during this time, Aries, Leo, and Capricorn in Vedic.

Don’t know what your ascendant is in Sidereal? Try Astrosage for a quick reference and ensure to have the correct time.


Aries Ascendant: 1st house – take care of health and caution when driving, this eclipse is occurring in the Nakshatra of Bharani, an excellent time of personal change, growth, and transformation

Taurus: 12th house – foreign lands, prisons, subconscious, expenses, and shining a light on your enemies

Gemini: 11th house – attracting excellent high profile network and growth in gains

Cancer: 10th house – changes in career or possible marriage

Leo: 9th house – an excellent time for a spiritual pilgrimage or journey, if not that study of higher education or knowledge is good

Virgo: 8th house – the possible boom in financial gains and a good time for research or higher education

Libra: 7th house – an excellent time to re-examine some relationships or business partnerships and clarify things

Scorpio: 6th house – take care of health, start a new health routine and get in shape

Sagittarius: 5th house – changes in romance, house of speculation, or with children

Capricorn: 4th house – changes at home or with family

Aquarius: 3rd house – take that chance and go for it, great time to communicate very clearly and directly

Pisces: 2nd house – varies changes in income for the better

Remedies for the solar eclipse:

  • Donate during an eclipse
  • If the sun is auspicious in your chart chante Surya Astak Stotra
  • Chanting or meditating to the sun during a solar eclipse is considered auspicious and some benefits may be doubled in gains
  • During a solar eclipse, you can do Jaap of any Shiva Mantra
  • Keep religious or spiritual practice – such as yoga, mediation or prayer
  • Bathing in holy water is considered spiritual important
  • Bathing in Epsom salt for both detox and spiritual cleansing
  • And my favorite is always cleansing the energy of my home with a white candle(caution while using fire), opening the windows, let the clean air and sunlight shine in
  • One may observe putting a quartz crystal in the four corners of each room of their home to cleanse the energy
  • Light and mustard oil lamp
  • One may observe fasting (Disclaimer: Consult your physician)

This is the eclipse in Sidereal based on what time the partial solar eclipse occurs in Los Angeles, CA.

You may find more information about the Nakshatras and Bharani in section 8 of this course.

More Eclipse information in both Tropical & Sidereal can be found in the first part of the course under ‘Quick Reference’ in lecture 14.

Namaste & May we all be blessed

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