Starbucks Iced Coffee Recipe VS. All Other Iced Coffee

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Are All Recipes The Same?

If you like iced coffee then I expect as you are probably a serious coffee lover you love the starbucks iced coffee recipe. If you are reading this article then you have tasted and know what iced coffee is and you will certainly have tried a starbucks iced coffee recipe. But iced coffee is not what you are thinking it is. You do not make a cup of hot coffee and wait for it to cool down or chill it in the freezer to make a glass of iced coffee. You could not be more wrong! Yes of course iced coffee is a variety of a hot brewed coffee, but there is a method to make it, a method that is different from the way a hot coffee is brewed and the starbucks iced coffee recipe is just gorgeous.

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And I just have to add my top favorite places that I’ve enjoyed drink their local coffee and the local coffee culture.

  1. Croatia
  2. France
  3. Italy
  4. Turkey
  5. Colombia
  6. Mexico
  7. Bulgaria
  8. Spain
  9. Greece
  10. Netherlands

Making Iced Coffee – Tips And Tricks

Hot coffees are hot-brewed, but if you want to make iced coffee the way it was made when it was started, then you have to cold-brew the coffee. Yes, you read that right You do not need to heat coffee if you want to make an iced coffee. All you need is a special pot, cold water, and coarsely grounded coffee beans! Or if you prefer try the starbucks iced coffee recipe below and you can be the judge.

Pour the cold water in the pot.

Put in the coarsely grounded coffee beans.

Other Ideas for you to try:

Put some of the coffee you’ve made in the freezer and make ice cubes out of it.

Try adding a bit of sugar syrup and a little chocolate flavoring.

Top off your iced coffee with a generous helping of whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and a flake to really impress your friends- they will think you are an iced coffee expert or an employee of starbucks coffee house!

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What will happen is that the cold water will extract the coffee flavors but will not extract the bitter compounds and the fatty oils that are present in the beans. This means that the iced coffee, which is made, will have less acid content than what it would have had if it were hot-brewed. Coffee made using this method was originally called iced coffee. This method was invented in 1962 by a chemical engineer, Todd Simpson, and his company is still around today (Its called Toddy Products).

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If you choose to make iced coffee using the hot-brew method, then you must get the coffee into the refrigerator once it reaches room temperature. If you allow it to get colder than that, then it may lose its flavor.

For a nice Croatian like Coffee just add one scoop of vanilla ice cream to your shot of espresso! The first time I ever tried this was when I first lived in Split, Croatia circa 2018. And I gotta say, the coffee culture is a red carpet event. Your outfit of choice better be on point, especially if you are having coffee on the Promenade by the Old Time in Split! But don’t expect Starbucks coffee! They coffee culture is so strong, Starbucks withdrew its application after it a denial from the Croatian government decline to allow Starbucks in.

Starbucks Iced Coffee Recipe:

Starbucks Frappuccino

2 shots (3 oz.) espresso
1/4 cup granulated sugar
2 1/2 cups low-fat milk
1 Tbls. pectin OR 1 tsp. pectin + 1 tsp. arrowroot

1. Stir sugar into espresso. Cool mixture.

2. Stir milk and pectin into espresso mixture until pectin is dissolved.

3. Fill a glass with ice and either serve mixture over ice, or pour glass contents into blender and blend for 30-45 seconds.

And just in case you like a pit of a punch! Just add Bailey’s or your choice of Whisky! Enjoy!

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