According to National Geographic, the future of travel is female – and we can’t help but agree. With so many brands and companies introducing women-only tours and trips, and curated guides to the safest places for solo female travelers to visit, the past few years have seen a 45% increase in female solo travel rates. Check out more articles in Zaftyg Magazine. For women traveling solo – or even in a small group – a primary concern is always safety and security when exploring a new place. But with the world at your fingertips, it can sometimes be difficult to decide upon the best place to visit. Here are 5 of our favorite destinations for solo female travelers, from the rugged landscapes of Iceland to the elegant streets of Gothenburg.

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For 12 years in a row, Iceland has topped the world safety index, officially making it the safest country on the globe. Iceland’s inconceivably low population of only 300,000 shares the island to the wild, otherworldly nature which characterises this beautiful country. Its capital, Reykjavik, is the stuff of pastel-hued dreams, with tiny coffee houses and quaint Nordic architecture never letting you forget your proximity to the Arctic. Whether you’re seeking a vibrant city break, aching to hike across the barren surface of a glacier, or longing to dip your toes into the geothermally-heated waters of the country’s many hot springs, Iceland is a country filled with beauty and adventure.

Edinburgh, UK

So vastly different to anywhere else in the country, Edinburgh is arguably the UK’s most magical city – not least for being the primary inspiration for J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Its streets framed by timeworn Gothic terraces, Edinburgh is encircled by nature, its city centre boasting two extinct volcanoes as well as a long stretch of sandy beach. By day, Edinburgh is a bookworm’s haven, home to endless numbers of independent bookstores and cosy cafes; by night, the city comes alive, live music spilling from the traditional pubs. Head into Stockbridge for compact boutiques and intricate latte art, or stroll up to Leith for quirky art galleries and a taste of local Edinburgh life.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Known and loved primarily for its unique labyrinth of canals, Amsterdam has so much more to offer than meets the eye. Best explored by bike, this city is a cluster of chocolate-box houses and lush greenery, interspersed with impossibly tiny restaurants and late-night haunts. Amsterdam’s rich foodie scene is a well-kept secret, the bustling Albert Cuypmarkt offering some of the Netherlands’ best street food dishes. After spending an afternoon browsing the stalls, head to the Brouwerij ‘t IJ: a small brewery at the base of a traditional windmill, its outdoor terrace a perfect riverside venue during the summer months.

Vancouver, Canada

Don’t be fooled by Vancouver’s big-city exterior: within the downtown maze of steely-grey skyscrapers and wide, busy avenues, Vancouver has a distinctly small-town vibe which makes visitors instantly feel at home. A city which prides itself upon its nature, and lends itself to its youthful, multicultural population, Vancouver is multifaceted, offering something for everyone. Whether you gravitate toward the cosmopolitan, brownstone terraces of Gastown, or enjoy the more laidback, local feel of Kitsilano, Vancouver is beautiful, safe, and driven by an instinctively creative spirit.

Gothenburg, Sweden

Although the second-largest city in Sweden, Gothenburg’s indisputably compact and community-led feel makes it one of the safest destinations for female travelers. An eclectic mix of aesthetic Scandi architecture and old-fashioned Swedish charm, Gothenburg is quaint and picturesque, its city center framed by wide canals and lush gardens. Downtown, its terraced, fire-escape-clad apartments are almost reminiscent of New York’s iconic buildings. Make sure not to miss Haga: a neighborhood famed for its tranquil streets and enormous cinnamon buns. For uninterrupted views across the rooftops and out to the river, climb up to Skansen Kronen.

Where are some of the safest places you’ve been as a solo female traveler? Let us know in the comments below!

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