From your Fav Jyotish Astrologer & Admin at Zaftyg – Maniyan brings the lastest trends for the month of June in Sidereal Zodiac. Check out your natal at Astrosage and find your SIDEREAL MOON. The Sun and Mercury are in Taurus. Ketu is in Libra and both Rahu and Venus are in Aries. Jupiter, Mars are in Pisces and Saturn is in Aquarius and The Moon in Leo for the next two days. This month is considered one of the auspicious months for real estate and construction and share and stock markets and high chances for increasing in gold prices. This month can include celebrity breakups or some major moves in the movie industry. This month will give a lot of fantasy desires between the couples and reduce the tensions in war zones. If you’re a Student reading from our Contemporary Approach to Astrology Course – Thanks for being here! Whatever questions you have, ensure to send us a message on Udemy! I personally respond to each of your assignments and messages as well as a Professional Jyotish Astrologer and Contributing Author for Zaftyg Magazine.


ARIES MOON: the month of weird relationship and romantic fantasy and some frictions will happen on the home side the kind of heated arguments and short temper words will give major setbacks in a relationship. There are high chances to gain more money in share and stock markets and the people who are waiting for the long-distance journey will get the approval this month

TAURUS MOON: This is the month of increasing self-confidence and self-esteem and high chances to concentrate on decorating the home or buying new things for home..for a Taurus male this month has high chances to meet their partner in a foreign land or foreign person will get intro through social media.

GEMINI MOON: This June month gives the end to a lot of conflicts that happened previously. This is the period for most of the people to get new jobs or change in job and also period of lack of sleep and body heat get increased to try to concentrate in the body on this month.

CANCER MOON: For this month brings a lot of cash flow for sure and it brings a lot of new good changes in the family kind of long spiritual journey and finding the guru-like person and chances to get into the high authoritative people in your life. Avoiding the conflicts in a relationship is advisable for this month

LEO MOON: This period may start out off a little tough and insecure and a lot of conflicts in the workplace will happen but there is no problem in having money in life the cash flow will continue as like before. Avoiding the insecurity and fear of losing and suspecting others unwontedly is the best way to avoid problems, and a good time to meditate. 

VIRGO MOON: This month consider an auspicious month and high chances of increasing positions and getting more authoritative power a lot and kind of high chances for some people to get money through the lottery and possible death.

LIBRA MOON: Always careful with strangers and friends this is the month of betrayal for sure. At the same, this month gives a lot of struggles and barriers to achieving things so always don’t lose hope in this month and a high chance to meet new partners from a different religion.

SCORPIO MOON: This month of lucks and fortune most Scorpio moons are making the greatest come back in the life so that will continue on this month is time for going party and entertaining a lot and high chances to spend more romantic times and foreign travel with the partner.

SAGITTARIUS MOON: The month of buying the new houses or new property or new vehicles for sure the people who are fighting for court and cases will ends in favorable results sure at the same time high chances for some people to fall in fake love and get detached from network circles so try to think carefully before falling in love

CAPRICORN MOON: Period of little relief this month compared to the previous month the time of reduction of expenditure and financial loss and winning the enemies but some people will place indirect pressure and politics so always be careful in politics. The chances to find a new partner in life and also the misunderstanding that happened between the partners in previous months will get solved this month for sure.

AQUARIUS MOON: this month is not that positive for making new decisions and also a lot of fear and the stressful situation will happen in the workplace and also in relationships. So try to avoid the fear and chances to get a new job in teaching and bank fields for sure.

PISCES MOON: The month of spirituality and religious beliefs and self-care and the lucks and fortunes will increase a lot this month and the losses and expenditure will reduce this month for sure. Your confidence level will increase more this month and health issues and financial issues that happened on previous days or months will be permanently solved this month.

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The Sagittarius is considered the 9th sign and house in Vedic Astrology and Sagittarius is traditionally ruled by Jupiter. Which is one of the Moola Trikona Rashi(sign) of Jupiter and any planets which fall in Sagittarius which is considered positive. Welcome back to all of our students from the Udemy Course – Contemporary Approach to Astrology. Follow on with these easy-to-read articles in Zaftyg magazine while on your personal astrological experience. As always, we’re here …
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