For the month of August we are on holiday, so we’ll just leave this here. We’ll follow-up with updates for September for all ascendant signs in Sidereal Astrology. The biggest things to watch out for are the new moon in Cancer on August 8th with the Sun. In Sidereal or Vedic Astrology yes, the sun is important like Western Astrology, but it’s important to look at your chart for your Ascendant (rising) and/or also your moon sign below. Need to figure out what your natal chart looks like in Vedic Astrology? Use Astrosage to calculate your natal chart or the link in the image below at Astro Seek.

For Aries Ascendant this will fall in your 4th house of home and family. Up for a home make over or remodeling? Maybe just a fresh color of paint in your living room will help you redirect that cardinal energy into what needs to be dealt with and what needs to go in spring cleaning next year.

For Taurus Ascendant this will fall in your 3rd house of short distance travel, communication and siblings. Enjoy all the comforts of communicating through social media or zoom with siblings. It’s always a good time for a Taurus to re count money matters.

For Gemini Ascendant this will fall in your 2nd house income, money you earn and security. You’ll be focal of what your needs are, ensure that you’re counting every penny at this time. A good time to invest in the future.

For Cancer Ascendant this will fall in your 1st house of self, do take care of your health. It’s safe to safe that changes are afoot in your personal life and how you view yourself. Up for a make over? This is the time!

For Leo Ascendant this will occur in your 12th house of secret or hidden enemies, foreigners, the house of pisces and spirituality. This is also the house of endings and even long spiritual journey within ourselves. You may feel a bit retrospect at this time, relax and light a white candle.

For Virgo Ascendant this will occur in your 11th house of great gains, older siblings, the money you earn from your career in your 10th house. Care of the mother is noted. It’s always a good time to focus on healthy eating and a healthy work out routine. Including a health mental regimen to help uplift the mind.

For Libra Ascendants this falls in your 10th house of career, new and improvement opportunities appear or light is shed on your talents or what needs to be addressed in the work space. Adjust to changes as needed.

For Scorpio Ascendants this falls in your 9th house of father, spirituality, higher education and long distance travel. Do take care for long travel.

For Sagittarius Ascendants, this occurs in your 8th house of tax, inheritances, others money. Do take care to be extra cautious around financial matters.

For Capricorn Ascendants this occurs in your 7th house of partners, open enemies, business partners and of course relationship partnerships. Feel the love this month.

For Aquarius Ascendants this falls in your 6th house of health, a nice work out routine, early morning walks or simply pilates at homes is in order to align with the universal energy. Namaste.

For Pisces Ascendants this occurs in your 5th house of speculation, children, higher knowledge, intelligence, creativity and even law. Put that brain to use playing some board games or soak up all the spiritual knowledge you need during this time.

The Black Honey of Summer – By Contributing Author Mary Guthrie for Zaftyg Magazine

August is when we want to soak up some sunshine and rest among the high brambles, reaching for the ripest blackberries (according to poet Mary Oliver). It feels like that warmth and sweetness are here to stay, all around us and within us.

Think of all the Leos in your life – warm and confident, full of charisma and a brilliant internal vision of the way things should be. They’re ready to take the stage, and they’re equally ready for their close-up. They can lead the dance and show you some new moves. They are the firefly guiding us to renewed warmth and light in our lives.

Pick up the cue in this glorious summer moment. The season of the lion roars in to help you find confidence in your own abilities. Sing out your own most profound truths. It’s a great time to revisit your creativity, and dare we say it – inventiveness. Go big with your plans. Just keep in mind you may need to go home with something streamlined and more realistic.

Be yourself but also dwell in your own ideas and ideals for your future self. If you tilt yourself just right, you can align with the gulf stream and open channels of goodwill and optimism. Find a cozy campfire and stack up some new dreams for your glowing future.

The House of Love

Things can definitely get steamy with Leo in charge. Leo is known for bringing the heat, and that includes with love and romance. Reunited Bennifer is the perfect example of two Leos whose romantic life is thriving. August is a time for flirtations to flourish and second dates to heat up. This might even be the time to tell a crush all your secret and thrilling thoughts of them. 

Established lovers should schedule some epic plans and begin writing their next chapter. Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb with your partner – you might enjoy the plunge to Earth. 

The Moon Squares with Uranus

Uranus is moving through Taurus and squares with the moon. Uranus is known as the planet of inventiveness, but also rebellion and even revolution — activating your pursuits but can also raising challenges. You may find yourself a bit lost in the forest of your ambitions – do you need to forge a new path?  

Uranus can cause disruption, but sometimes those unplanned shakeups are just what you need. Whether in work, friendships, side-hustle ambitions – you may need to dig deep to find solutions to unexpected crises. And you may also uncover a vein of precious ore that unlocks the newest frontier of your life.

Uranus Turns Retrograde

Uranus will turn retrograde on August 19. Unlike when Mercury goes retrograde, we don’t need to worry about any communication breakdowns. Instead, these five months of Uranus in retrograde can bring welcome changes on both the personal and global scale. 

Uranus is going retrograde in Taurus, a secure and grounded earth sign. This retrograde should turn your attention to basic things that need to change.  Uranus’ guiding interest in protecting both community and the future should spur us to think about our own volunteerism and activism – the homeless need housing and the fight to stop racism is more vital than ever.

In the harshest terms, the Uranus retrograde demands that we step up or get left behind. The specter of Covid 19 is back and appears darker than ever. The pandemic changed everything about how we communicate, learn, work and interact with the world. So the Uranus retrograde is another chance to do the right thing to protect yourself and others. You know the drill – it’s time to sing the same song, next verse, once more, with feeling. We’re called on to be protectors, and it may seem prosaic, but in truth it is heroic.

Jupiter Semi-Square to Chiron 

Chiron is a comet with a strange orbit and is known as a “wounded healer.” Chiron stands simultaneously for our deepest wound and our efforts to heal.

Jupiter and Chiron will form three squares over the next nine months. This chain of squares brings us to the threshold of something new, and Chiron’s role points out that you are what you’ve waited for – you are your own healer.

A square aspect implies that a wound can be healed by making an action, like telling the truth. You may remember times in your life where uncomfortable truths could not be spoken, or so it seemed. But telling the truth, even when it seems impossible, always leads to relief of tension, and that’s when healing can begin. 

On the circle of the zodiac, squares happen when two or more objects are located within the same degree of different signs that share the same quality (cardinal, fixed or mutable). The effect can be confusing when Jupiter – big-hearted, expansive, optimistic – squares with Chiron – a maverick educator with an eye for misadventure. Jupiter is expansive, straightforward and inclusive – very what you see is what you get. Jupiter is both the warm hug and the lively debate.

Chiron is a trickier reminder of our human vulnerabilities. He can assemble eclectic and clashing elements and, improbably, bring them into harmony. He’s got your number and knows every one of your warts — but sees each one as a crucial component of your beauty.

Jupiter and Chiron are also at odds right now. The meeting of air and water doesn’t seem very stable but presents an inspiring, infinite horizon, profound love lofting up into profound truth.

We are living in an overpowering, sustained, historic moment when healing is the most precious substance on Earth, when healing yourself is the bravest signifier of caring for others. It is a time to dwell in the warmest sunlight, stretch through the sharpest brambles and find the darkest and sweetest fruit.

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