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Astrology Reading  – Personalized Natal Chart Report – Extensive Report Western & Vedic Reports. For sure this is not your typical astrology reading, because I use two very different systems with a degree differences of around 23-24 degrees. It’s a method that works when analyzing both charts to better understand the life at hand and the client currently is mentally and emotionally. For the last 25+ years I’ve been studying mental illness and psychological disorders related to astrology, in search of answers to the things that have affected my family and I on a deep level, this can also be a Pluto influence. I am also a Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapist amongst many things, that have given me a different perception and better understanding to how the universe works and free will works for us humans. Everything is connected and I truly believe that mental illness are a sort of evolution of humanity, and the planetary energies manifest in such manner. This reading isn’t for the faint of heart, this is a honest conversation and open dialogue to assist your on your journey. My other primary focus as been studying the Stock Market and how to make money from the Stock Market with Astrology. This is a safe space and you are welcomed. How can we help? 

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This report is personalized to you based on your natal chart in both Western (Tropical) and Vedic (Sidereal) astrology. There is a major difference in these systems, Vedic astrology is based on currently planetary placements that are used by NASA and Western is based on the Zodiac calendar that starts with Aries in the spring solstice. If you ever wondered what your life purpose or direction is, this is for you. If you have wondered about how to use astrology in business decisions or for speculation on the stock exchange, this is for you. We will go into depth analysis on both Astrological systems to help give you a better overview of your life. Astrology Reading

It has been said that “Anyone can become a millionaire but you need an astrologer to become a billionaire” – J.P. Morgan. 

We see Astrology as a tool to improve ones life and the lives of those that are around you, we can use astrology to predict the cycles in your life. Do not forget that we cannot predict the human right of free will. You choose your fate.

One of the key focuses the report will include are the cycles of eclipses. Were you born on, during or within 3 degrees of an eclipse? What type of eclipse? Solar or Lunar? From there we will take a in depth look at the Lunar nodes, these return to the natural placement in your natal chart every 18 years, and remain in signs for 18 month transits. From here we should now exactly what your life cycles look like and how to approach them when these cycles come around again.

We will take a look at your current planet transits and will focus on where you’re  at currently and what to expect over the next 1-5 years. When you know what is coming, you will know how to better prepare.

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These reports can be translated into most languages for an addition fee of $29.00. Product and service are final sale. 

Disclaimer and Release of Liability: Information and data calculate by using astrology and /or astronomical methods is to be treated purely for the reader’s entertainment and academic purpose only. In no even shall the author or publisher be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages of any kind whatsoever with respect to the content and suggested outcomes. You release Zaftyg LLC and any affiliates of any and all liabilities. By purchasing this your agree to Zaftyg LLC Terms & Conditions.

We consider Astrology a science that uses math such as geometry, planetary placements, cycles, and understanding how signs, houses and transits that can impact your life. This report is prepared and lead by Research Astrologer with 25 years of study in this science and founder of Zaftyg, Heather E. Rodriguez-Udy and Zaftyg Astrology Research Team.

  • Note chart will be used for Research conducted by Zaftyg’s Astrology Research team. Your personal information will not be shared and is intended for learning purposes to improve our service.

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