Jyotish Vedic Astrology Consultation W/Maniyan



Jyotish Vedic Astrology Consultation

Vedic Astrologer With Maniyan Annadurai – A personalized 55 minute consultation using Vedic (Sidereal). Maniyan is based in India and has been practicing professionally for eight years. He joins the Zaftyg Astrological team with specialties in Career and Finance, Relationships and Marriage based in Jyotish Sidereal practice. Expert in past and future readings, relationship compatibility, synastry solutions for career and financial problems. Your purchase directly supports the Freelancer Astrologer and the Zaftyg platform. Thank you.

“In Sanskrit, the word Jyotish, translated as “science of light,” refers to the profound and mathematically sophisticated form of astrology originating in the ancient Vedic traditions of India. Sometimes known as Vedic astrology, Jyotish describes the planetary patterns at the time of our birth and can give us valuable clues to understanding our life’s journey. Through careful analysis of these cosmic influences, Jyotish can help us to realistically evaluate our strengths and challenges in order to optimize our full potential. By forecasting the changing trends and periods of our lives, Jyotish can also enable us to make more evolutionary choices. It offers practical remedial measures to alleviate areas of difficulty, giving us the confidence to manifest our true destiny and create success, happiness, and harmony on all levels.”

“In Jyotish, we don’t think of people in terms of their sun sign, as we do in tropical astrology. Instead, we enter the chart through what is called the “ascendant,” the constellation that is rising on the Eastern horizon at the time of a person’s birth. This sets up the relationship between the planets at the time of birth to the event of the birth and gives clues about an individual’s personality, physical body, and the way the person presents themselves to the world. We think of a person first in terms of the ascendant.”

Jyotish Vedic Astrology Consultation

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