September Sidereal Transits 22′ by Maniyan Annadurai for Zaftyg Magazine. How is everyone? How are these transits affecting you? Here are some key points and dates for the rest of this year and early 2023, at this time many of the planets are in their own signs and some are retrograde (closer to the earth). Interesting times indeed! Also, we’d like to welcome all of our new and latest students who have joined us and our Contemporary Approach to Astrology Course on Udemy! Thanks for your kind messages, comments, and likes! Need to book a reading? Purchase below and follow instructions for your confidential Vedic Astrology Reading by Maniyan Annadurai, you may also Book & Pay via PayPal here. Like our content? Donate today! Now, let’s get into this month’s transits in Sidereal degrees!


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Remedies for this time:

For students, Mercury is great for studying, mental stamina, and all things business related in its own sign of exaltation, take advantage of this time! A great time to wear green to strengthen your Mercury or genuine Emerald stones. Observe fasting on Wednesday* (consult your doctor). Listen to music and get a plant or two or three! Wear green, green, green!

An excellent time to actively engage in the courses quizzes and assignments!

It’s also a good time to strengthen your Sun by wearing red, genuine Ruby stones, especially on Sunday as it’s also in its own sign. Observe fasting on Sunday* (consult your doctor).

To strengthen your moon wear white, silver 925, and pearls on Mondays.

To strengthen your Jupiter, make donations to beggars, especially on Thursdays, and wear bright yellow or gold.

Given Saturn is retro, if you’re running a Saturn dash or have planets there fasting on Saturdays* (consult your doctor*), donate black clothes to the poor, or volunteer on Saturdays and wear black.

With Mars remaining in Taurus and then Gemini, it’s a good time to pause before speaking or communicating to rethink it before you speak it or before eating, dental issues are possible.

Given Rahu in Aries, a good time to feed birds black seeds to help pacify Rahu.

Key Dates to Take note of for the rest of 2022-2023

Starting on September 1st, the Sun is in Leo (its own sign) through September 17, 2022.

The Moon is in Libra on September 1st and 2nd, then Scorpio, etc (the moon changes signs every 2.5 days).

The planet Mars will remain in Taurus through October 16, 2022, at which point it moves to Gemini.

Mercury at this time is very strong, no doubt about it, Mercury in its own sign of exaltation of Virgo!

Venus in Leo through September 24, 2022

Jupiter (currently Rx) in Pisces (its own sign) through April 21, 2023!

Saturn in Capricorn (currently Rx and in its own sign) through January 17, 2023

Rahu still remains in Aries and Ketu in Libra through October 30th, 2023, at which point the nodes (mean nodes) in Vedic shift to Rahu in Pisces and Ketu in Virgo for 18.6 months.

Below are September 2022 predictions based on your Sidereal/Vedic Ascendant or Moon sign, we recommend checking both.

Aries rising or moon

The ascendant lord placed 2 show which brings some unwanted conflicts in the home at the same time chances for sudden expenses in a home atmosphere and sun in 5th with Venus which is good for the favorable period in a romantic relationship and creative careers and mercury in 6th which causes some health issues and conflicts in work atmosphere so try to avoid unwanted gossips in workplaces which end in negative against you for sure but 5th lord sun in 5th which brings lucks for sure.

Taurus rising or moon

Sun and Venus 4th which is a good placement for buying a new property and good growth in real estate and high chances to get promotions in this month and mercury in 5th which is a good time for growth in share and stock and speculative business but try to avoid unwanted anger issues and short tempers and highly recommend concentrating on sleeping patterns and health wise this month will be good and favorable for sure.

Gemini rising or moon sign

The sign lord mercury in 4th and getting a good strength which is considered as one of the positive months and confident month for sure and this month helps the people to come out from the breakup issues which Ketu gives in a past month at the same time there is a high chance to get benefits by mother and mother side relationship and this period is high chances to make a short trip because of Venus and sun in 3rd house and chances to get support from younger siblings side and also the moon in 5th which brings the good entertainment period and romantic times for sure.

Cancer rising or moon sign

Saturn in the 7th aspecting the 1st which is not a favorable period for mental health at the same time sun in the 12th brings unwanted journey and losses and high chances for some people to face heat-related health issues for sure and Venus in the 2nd house is good for cash flow and mars in 11th which brings success through male friends and circle and high chances for more work routine and detached atmosphere in the home surface because of Rahu in 10th and Ketu in 4th for sure.

Leo rising or moon sign

The sun in own house and its in 1st which is a very good month for sure and what are struggles u have in past can be easily won by confidence for sure and Venus in 1st chances to have some passionate romantic times and high concentration in looks for sure. Mercury is in 2nd which is good for having success through communication and people who are marketing jobs can succeed in most of the projects in this month for sure Saturn in 6th so the competition is always under control and you can easily win the obstacles for sure. Ketu is in 3rd so try to avoid unwanted confusion and be confident in taking decisions in life.


Virgo rising or moon sign

Mercury is the sign lord in 1st which makes u more practical and confident in the decision at the same time people who are working in software companies and marketing and communications have good growth for sure and chances to have some secret crushes and chances to have some losses because of higher authority or through father for sure and moon in 2nd is high chances to spend more money in entertainment sides and mars in 9th houses chances are you might make some long-distance hectic journey for sure. Some delays when Mercury is retrograde in travel. Good time to be strong physically and Venus transiting your 12th, Venus and Jupiter are the only signs that do well in the 12th house. Opportunities for new partnerships. A lot of luck!

Libra rising or moon

The sign lord in 11th house Leo with sun brings you the confidence in your life and same time high chances to bring a lot of new authoritative network circle in ur life for sure and chances to have a lot of romantic communication through long-distance and chances to find hidden secrets through communication for sure at the same time the Saturn in 4th the home atmosphere seems to be little stressed and bring some health issue in mother so kindly care ur mother health for sure. If you’re interviewing or looking for a promotion, you will be the front-runner.

Scorpio rising or moon sign

The sign lord in 7th and aspecting the 1st house which brings super confident at the same time it brings quarrels in a relationship so try to avoid that relationship and Jupiter in Pisces aspecting the moon sign which is another positive factor to bring success in life and great growth in life and additionally sun in 10th with Venus which consider as new responsibility and authority position will gain at the same time people who are trying for government jobs will get succeed in this month for sure. So overall this month consider a most positive month for sure.

Sagittarius rising or moon sign

The sign lord in 4th and aspecting the following houses 8,10,12 which consider as very much good in a home atmosphere and share and stock markets and long-distance journey at the same time mars in 6th which is a period to win enemies and disease for sure and sun on 9th with Venus which is good for getting gains through fathers and long journey even some people have high chances to travel a long distance to see they love partners for sure and moon in 11th which brings some emotional support from network circle which u looking for a long month for sure.

Capricorn rising or moon sign

Well Saturn is in 1st so the fear, pressure, insecurity, and all the things will remain the same but Jupiter is in 3rd and aspecting 7th and 9th, and 11th which brings the good relationship(s) with partner and father and network circle and also have some gains through them for sure and sun in 8th along with Venus it brings some secret desires and passionate relationship so try to avoid that for sure and Rahu in 4th and Ketu in 10th so don’t leave the job because of work pressure and home atmosphere which brings very much set back in life for sure.

Aquarius rising or moon sign

The sign lord in 12th which makes you go for long-distance journey for sure at the same time it makes you feel isolated from a network circle at the same time it Sun and Venus in 7th so the period the partner domination can be seen even it seems to be highly romantic but it brings domination for sure and Mercury in 8th so it gives success through share and stock markets and also it gives a person to get more interest in occult researches for sure and Ketu in 9th and Rahu in 3rd so it brings confidence in doing things and high spiritual journey for sure.

Pisces rising or moon sign

The sign lord in 1st and aspect 5th 7th and 9th which brings the success through speculative business and create jobs and partnership and through father and good improvement can be seen through children’s life and sun Venus in 6th so good chances to gain success through higher authorities and female colleagues but try to avoid unwanted doubt and reducing the self-esteem because of Saturn in 11th aspect moon sign. Try to avoid alcohol addictions and too much consumption of alcohol which brings some health issues for sure.

With positive energy and love,


Maniyan and the Zaftyg Team

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