The relationship is one of the most important things in nowadays for everyone. So in Vedic astrology wise, I like to share my knowledge About relationships and compatibility, and remedies.

In a relationship, Venus is considered one of the most important planets in Vedic astrology. In the male chart, Venus represents the women in his life but in general, Venus represents the relationship between men and women chart. If a person with strong Venus has the best skill in making good relationship compared to afflicted men’s chart the person with strong Venus know how to handle the women in good ways and the women’s love to be around him at the same we have to consider the 7th house and its lord and strength to decide the strength of relationship. As always, I am here to support your questions through Zaftyg’s CEO & Founder’s Udemy Course, you may recognize me as I respond to all your assignments! Don’t hesitate to ask your question. Give us a FOLLOW on our Instagram @Zaftygchic!

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Incompatibility, the rising and moon sign play the most important role in Vedic the person with the same rising or same moon sign or ones rising became another one’s moon sign and vice versa is considered as one of the best compatibility..and the second thing is the rising or moon sign needs to be like a triangle so-called trikona is considered as another good thing additionally we have to check venus and mars synastry like venus conjunct mars and venus conjunct venus and venus opposites the mars and venus opposites venus gives the extra support for this types compatibility.

Venus and Mars conjunction and nakshatra of venus.

In additional cases, individuals who have venus-mars conjunction or venus-mars mutual aspects or venus aspected by mars will be better date someone who has the same venus-mars conjunction or mutual aspect or square to each other in the partner chart. Because it brings good compatibility in passionate romance and sexual desires. Suppose if mars influenced person falls in love or dates the mars non influenced venus person gives the results of lack of passion and lack of sexual happiness. So it’s also one of the best tricks to choose a relationship.


 Venus nakshatra mainly chooses to find relationship compatibility physically. Like Venus in the nakshatra of Rahu like Swathi, Ardra, shatabhisha will be more compatible emotionally and physically with any nakshatras except venus in Ketu, Magha, Moola, pushy, Uttara Bhadrapada, Anuradha. Because Rahu energy of Venus gives high sexual desires and Ketu and Saturn energy Venus gives Venus. But this compatibility also changes if Saturn or Ketu nakshatra Venus influenced by Mars or Rahu conjunction in an individual chart. Learn all about the Nakshatras in Zaftyg’s CEO & Founder’s Course on Udemy!

Vedic Remedy

The best remedy for a relationship is to increase the strength of the venus.

Remedy 1: take a handful of white lima beans and keep it under the pillow and sleep in every Friday night on next day morning take the beans and put in white cloth and tied it make and keep that in clean place make this practice for the next 20 weeks continuously in Friday nights. at the end of the 20th week collect all 20 white cloth tied while lima beans put in large white cloth and tied all and put pond or well which need to have water, this will increase the strength of Venus and relationship. 

REMEDY 2: in the male chart Venus tells about females. Respecting the woman and not abusing her is the best way to increase the strength of Venus naturally. 

Remedy 3:  wearing silver or diamond is the best way to increase the power of venus. and also worshipping the lord Laxmi every Friday is the best thing. and also keeping the bedroom clean with good fragrance. and using highest rated perfumes and best clothes and cosmetics for our self beauty is the best and easiest way to make the venus strong. If you like this article, give us a follow on our Instagram @Zaftygchic! Thanks for your likes and comments!

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