Saturn is considered as one of the most malefic planet in Vedic astrology and Saturn is consider as the planet of darkness. Because Saturn is placed far away from the sun in the solar system which cant receive the lights of sun. It is said that Saturn is the planet of poverty and fear and insecurity and cheating and cold which is not consider as good vibes for the human nature. So in every chart Saturn doesn’t need to be strong according to my theory. Who am I? Maniyan, Admin and Contributing author for Zaftyg Magazine+Udemy Course. Vedic Astrology runs deep in my family traditions and I learned much of what I know because of my grandfather. It’s important to me to explain my observational touches in my experience. Because Saturn is planet of physical efforts so called planet of hard work and planet of misfortunes. So the billionaires who enjoying all comfort zone in they life or people who enjoying the life with out sweating or physical work will have a weak Saturn or a benefic Saturn. I thank you all for purchasing your readings with me through Zaftyg, you may BOOK YOUR READING NOW below! Thank you everyone for you support in advance! Continue to read and learn more about the secrets of Saturn through my knowledge on Vedic Astrology.

How does Saturn need to be placed in the chart of individuals?

So everyone has questions in our minds now: like how Saturn needs to be placed in the chart of individuals? Here I give a list of combinations to decide the Benefic Saturn in an individual chart.

1. If Saturn exalted or getting Moola Trikona in the chart. For example Saturn in sign of Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius, it needs to be in the house of 6, 8, 12th houses. For example Aquarius rising, Saturn in Capricorn falls in 12th house consider as much benefic comparing to Saturn in Aquarius which means in Lagna. Like wise Saturn needs to be hidden house if it’s exalted in chart or naturally it good to be in hidden house.

2. Saturn conjunct with Jupiter or Venus and Saturn aspected by Jupiter or Venus. And Saturn in the house of Jupiter or Venus is considered another positive thing in the chart. Because Jupiter and Venus have the capability to reduce the malefic effect of Saturn in the chart.

3. Saturn conjunct with a Full Moon birth or Saturn aspected by the full moon which considers as another benefic effect in the chart. Because the full moon will behave like or be powerful like Jupiter in the chart so the full moon has the capability to reduce the malefic effect of Saturn in Vedic chart.

What does Saturn rule?

Saturn gives the job connected to iron, steel, petroleum, plastics  and non consumable liquids like phenoil, liquor. It makes the person a billionaire through this ways in they life. So over all Saturn doesn’t gives any positive effects to humans until it has benefic support which I mentioned above. For rising like Libra, Taurus, Aquarius, Capricorn, Gemini, and Virgo, Saturn behaves in many beneficial ways for the native. For rising signs like Leo, Cancer, Aries and Scorpio Saturn behaves like natural enemy in this case. But for Sagittarius and Pisces Saturn behaves neutral unless otherwise afflicted. Please take everything into consideration before making a prediction.

So ultimately Saturn is the planet of dark and our restrictions, but through the combination of the Benefic planet, it behaves benefic in its Dasa, and through the malefic planet connection it behaves malefic in their Dasa. Need a reading? You can book your astrology reading with me below. Many thanks, Namaste – Maniyan

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