Mars in Vedic Astrology is considered malefic, however there are ways to remedy this with your Guru and experienced Vedic Astrologer. Everyone in the world has a lot of desires in their life but very few only have the passion and energy to make that desire comes true. The word passionate can be described in another word referred to as the planet Mars. Mars is one of the most passionate, courageous and aggressive planets in the zodiac which always gives confidence without thinking. Mars is the planet that gives energy to the person to full fill their needs and Mars rules the earth’s surface that’s why Mars need to be strong in someone’s chart to do real estate. Mars rules medicine, fire, soldier, and blood. If a person needs to have good Mars to get a good physique. Because mars are a complete masculine planet in astrology. I’m available for your Jyotish Astrological Readings, simply book below and then reach out to me on here with your payment confirmation. BOOK YOUR READING W/MANIYAN NOW!

If you’d rather start your astrological career, learn 1-on-1 with me and the CEO of Zaftyg, well say more more! Register for our Contemporary Approach to Astrology today! The signs ruled by Mars are Aries and Scorpio. Aries is the fire sign and Scorpio is a water sign which means mars rules both emotional violence and physical violence. Jupiter Waxing Moon and Venus these three planets only have the capability to control the mars in Vedic astrology. Like conjunction or aspect by this planets, males the mars control its unwanted aggressive energy for sure. Mars is exalted in Capricorn which is an earth sign and also the sign of Saturn which is one of its enemy signs. The hidden reason behind the mars exalted in Saturn’s earth sign is because Saturn is the slowest planet in astrology which influence the mars to behave like slow and steady and stable that’s why God makes the mars to exalted in Saturn’s earth sign. 

Mars in rising or mars aspecting the rising in person chart make individual to react quickly without thinking and make them be like one of short temper. Mars represents the blood which I already mentioned that’s why mars strength needs to be strong for a better physical drive in both men’s and women’s charts. You can see in most Indian Hindu women used to wear the kumkum on their forehead after marriage because it reduces the heat of the private part so the kumkum is also ruled by Mars. And Mars rules the red color so wearing red clothes and having fasting on Tuesday and taking care of a good physique and concentrating more on sports make the person control the afflicted mars in the chart. Mars does not get connected with Rahu or Saturn at the same time which makes the mars more afflicted and weak. So worshipping Lord Murugan is always the best way to control afflicted mars’ energy. 

Mars: Problems and remedies – Please Consulter Your Guru or Experienced Jyotish Astrologer before beginning any remedies.

  • Donate sweets in temples.
  • Grow neem tree in your home.
  • Feed cows frequently.
  • Carry red color handkerchief.
  • Have an elephant tusk in bedroom.
  • Donate blood whenever appropriate.

Donating scarlet clothes, gold, copper, masoor lentils, Batasha (an Indian sweet) is considered one of the effective remedies for planet Mars. You should eat sweets with brothers to improve the harmful condition of Mars. Chanting the mantra “Om Bho Bhomay Namah” can help reduce the harmful effects of Mars.”

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