Vedic Astrology is one of the biggest tools to find the unexplored secrets of the universe. I am more than happy to share one of most interesting and unpredictable planets ever in Vedic astrology so called Ketu. Ketu is planet of detachment and endings and as the ancient story goes, the asur was attacked by Lord Vishnu while having Amirtham so called drink of immortality. Once Lord Vishnu cut his head off according to the ancient text, the head falls onto one side and the body falls onto another side. Because of that Amirtham he had not died. The head part became what we know as Rahu and the body part became what we know now as Ketu. I also offer 55 minute Jyotish Astrological readings, to book your reading purchase below.

Thereafter Lord Vishnu forgive his curse and from this very story is the real message of what Ketu is and gives and takes. Ketu does not have a head(that’s Rahu) which means Ketu is unable to enjoy the food Rahu eats and Ketu cannot see, so it doesn’t have desires about world things such as Rahu. But that is why it is considered a shadow planet of detachment. Since Ketu cannot see what Rahu sees therefore it cannot desire in the way Rahu does.

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Let’s continue, so Ketu is a planet of wisdom and detachment. The conclusion of beginning, the planet of Black Magic and Medicines. It is the planets of realising the Lord Shiva the 27th nakshatras. Ashwini, Magha and Moola are the Nakshatras of Ketu and all of these Nakshatras fall under fire signs. If we go back and check the ancient history that all the Nayanmars and spiritual gurus are born in any one of these Ketu’s nakshtras. Ketu is a planet of shadows, where astrologers use it’s techniques to consider if Ketu has exalted houses and it have aspects. But the things which I have learned from Guru, was that the shadows cannot aspect by anything to affect it. That is what I use to consider Ketu if it is not exalted and it does not have any aspects.

Ketu is one of the trickiest planets for any astrologer to judge and observe. Ketu will always work based on the running dasa. So check what the current running dasa is and based on the sign of the lord it is placed in. And check the planet it is conjunct or aspect with if any. If Rahu is consider as the planet of dark like the midnight sky, than Ketu is considered as the planet of mild light. Like early morning during the rising of sun. That is why I always consider the above, because Ketu is a planet of mild light, so any other planets conjucntion with Ketu will get purified by Ketu. With the exception of the Sun, Moon and Mars. Because a conjunction of Ketu with either the Sun or Moon is consider an eclipse. And for Mars if Ketu are conjunct or aspected by Mars, it is not good, because Ketu will behave like Mars. Ketu may act like a catalyst and increase the malefic effect of Ketu instead of bring out the spiritual side. But a Ketu conjunction with Saturn is highest positive sign possible! And if it happens to have connections Jupiter or Jupiter’s signs which makes the person highly spiritual.

If we want to increase the positive effect of Ketu and decrease the negative effect means worshipping Lord Ganesh is the best remedy ever. Thank you for reading Zaftyg Magazine!Maniyan

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