Secrets of Jupiter and its retrograde in Vedic Astrology by Maniyan Annadurai for Zaftyg Magazine.

Secrets of Jupiter and its Retrograde in Vedic Jupiter is one of the highest positive planets in Vedic astrology Jupiter is always considered as the planet of solving curses in the chart through aspect. Jupiter’s aspect is considered one of the most important in the Vedic chart. Planets conjunct with Jupiter and planets aspect by the Jupiter always get strength and benefic in the chart. As always we’re here to answer your questions for our returning students of Contemporary Approach to Astrology – Udemy Course. We take time to personally respond to each and everyone of yours questions. For those that would like a Jyotish Astrological Reading, you may purchase below. And thank you all for your support, donations, likes and comments! Now, let’s continue understanding Jupiter and it’s retrograde. Jupiter is the karaka for children, it’s colors are gold and bright yellow, Thursday is ruled by Jupiter. And for some you may apply turmeric powder and sandalwood on your forehead is an effective remedy to soothe Jupiter.

What is mean by retrograde?

In terms of Jupiter’s retrograde, it can mean behaving directly opposite to its own nature and giving the illusion of moving backward. The direction but it’s not..because of the change in gravity the speed of the planet will get reduced on a circular path of the solar system at that time because of the difference in speed the planets can look like moving backward direction but it’s not actually that is called retrograde.

When a malefic lord like Saturn mars gets retrograde it does its karaka, I mean it’s own natural high, and reduces its duty of lordship. when benefic like Jupiter, Venus goes retrograde it does its lordship high and reduces the effect of karaka I mean its nature.

Jupiter and its retrograde

When Jupiter is retrograde, for example, Sagittarius rising Jupiter rules the 1st and 4th houses, so when Jupiter is in its retrograde it does its full effect of 1st and 4th lord things, but it reduces the effect of benefits through karaka like children, teacher, spirituality with negative experience on its dasa. Jupiter’s retrograde will always be powerful when the planets get exalted, and retrograde and debilitated and retrograde.

Jupiter exalted and retrograde

Jupiter always exalted in the sign of Cancer, when its exalted and retrograde it gives the benefits through money, gold, spirituality and children initially. But when this person grow into old age, this benefits will become less interested in those themes, for example, if Jupiter is exalted and retrograde, and one is doing some finance jobs, this means initially they can gain more and always have money in their pocket but at the end of the ages what are things he earn through money and what are the comfort zone he earned through that finance will become nothing for them at end.

Jupiter debilitated and retrograde

When the Jupiter is debilitated and retrograde initially he or she doesn’t have any benefits through the financial sector, gold or children. And one needs to face struggle on this earth or in this lifetime first. And as much the ages grow he or she will gain experience on this, and using that experience they will handle that all things perfectly and gained through it in older age. When Jupiter and the Sun mutually aspect each other, it will always bring Shiva Raja Yoga, which is one of the most powerful yogas ever! This shiva Raja Yoga gives the authority like a King, so hold your head high and serve the people. But, generally I can say one thing for sure that Jupiter retrograde people are good at giving unsolicited and solicited advice. They voluntarily give advice to people and some times they give vibe of they are expert in all things for sure.

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