By contributing Author & Official Zaftyg Astrologer Maniyan Annadurai.

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 Vedic astrology is always with lot of beautiful secrets, some of secrets are easy to understand and some of them are beyond our These are the secrets of dosha in vedic astrology. These are called secrets due to the relatively to the 8th house and astrology. But this knowledge can be accessed through Zaftyg Magazine’s multiple articles to help with this knowledge.

In this article I am going to show you the different view to understand dashas. What is dasha? Dasha means the planetary period in vedic astrology. Every planet has a certain planetary period, in which that period the planet takes charge and decides what to give in particular person life period.

For example Sun dasa = 6 years

Moon dasa = 10 years

Mars dasa = 7 years

Ketu dasa = 7 years

Venus dasa = 20 years

Jupiter = 16years

Mercury = 17 years

Rahu = 18 years

Saturn = 19years

So all planets have certain dasa period on that particular period it going to decide what going to happen in human life.

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In astrology studies most of people are not concentrate much on dasas. Everyone one mostly concentrates on the good yogas and bad yogas in their chart, but no one is ready to understand or enlightened about the dasa lord techniques. Most of them are comparing they charts yoga with some one like a celebrity, and started to think “like me and that celebrity have same yoga”, so I will be like them soon or if they have any bad yogas they comparing they life with some one who faced problem because of that the yoga and started to get fear about they own life. There are remedies to help balance out the planetary energy. Don’t forget you can book your consultation with me through the Zaftyg purchase above!

Actually, people have to understand yogas will activate that particular planet dasa which making that yoga. And the dosha will activate on that particular planet which making that dosha. For example every one knows about guru Chandra yoga is. And that guru Chandra yoga will do benefit only on guru dasa or moon dosa.

If they are not facing this dasa, this means there is no use of having that yoga. The same thing for Manglik dosha. Manglik will activated when saturn mars rahu conjuct in 7th or 8th house. If in a malefic sign, with out any benefic conjuction or aspect of good planets like jupiter or full or waxing moon or venus and the respective dasa of rahu, mars or saturn come means the manglik will work hard.


The hidden meaning here is mars is getting highly malefic when two malefic conjuct or aspect and that respective mars dasa comes or that malefic conjuct planets dasa came means it will make person to feel manglik effect. If they not face that dasa then manglik will not work. Most people fear this but I have mars in 7 ,8 , 2, 1, 12 houses. So? I am manglik, but the time you have to check how maleficaly your mars is affected and that dasa will come in ur life or not.

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I mention about the guru chandra and I want to give the hidden secret of that yoga here in Zaftyg Magazine. Any yoga which crrated by sun moon mars jupiter will work powerfull on its respective dasa and its very powerfull when the yoga lord and ascendant lords are friendly. For example sun moon, mars, jupiter, and ketu are gang A and saturn, mercury, rahu, and venus are gang B.

When gang A planets conjuct and form any yogas mean it will be powerful only for gang A, related rising or ascendant like Leo, cancer, aries, scorpio, sagittarius or pisces. But not for gang B rising or ascendant like Aquarius , capricorn, taurus, libra, virgo, or gemini. For example let two rising person cancer rising and aquarius rising. Both born in full moon and both have jupiter moon conjuction and making guru chandra yoga means and both face jupiter dasa.

So this guru chandra will be powerfull for cancer rising person comparing aquarius rising person. Thats how we need to differentiate which yoga is powerfull for which rising.

How to take prediction from dasa lord? If we want to take prediction of dasa lord we have to know about bukthi so called antadasa lord. Antadasa lord is like manager and dasa lord is like CEO. So the antadasa lord have some freedom but big decision will be taken by dasa lord in human life and bhukthi lord need to follow it. Let’s discuss how dasa lord work. The dasa lord will work like nakshatra lord first.

For example if some one born in aquarius rising and facing sun dasa, that sun falls in nakshatra of dhanishta which is nakshatra of mars. Now dasa lord will results to nakshatra lord houses. Mars rules 3 and 10 in aquarius, meaning the dasa lord give results of nakshatra lord house of 3 and 10 in first.

For the second it will give the result of its own house in chart. For example in sun dasa for aquarius sun rules 7th house chart. So it gives the effect of 7th house in the ultimate thing is dasa lord gives the results of nakshatra lord houses result in first and the dasa lord owning house in the chart in second. How you compare dasa and antadasa lord to take result?  I already said dasa lord and antadasa lord are deciders in human life.

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If we want to knew which dasa and which antadasa is good for us means we have to compare that dasa lord frienship with asc lord and bhukthi lord friendship with ascendant lord. And we have to check where the dasa lord and bhukthi lord placed to each other. For example aquarius rising saturn is asc lord. If some one facing moon dasa saturn antadasa means. First we have to check moon and saturn in which house it is located and if this planets are placed kendra or trikona houses to each other means its good. If it placed sashtanga, it can mean 6, 8, 12 to each other then that moon dasa and saturn antadasa will be touch. But if that antadasa lord is exalted means this shashtanga will not work well without challenges playing out in your personal karma. For example this moon in leo and saturn in aquarius means its 6 and 8 to each other but antadasa lord saturn is strong in capricorn so this shashtanga will not work.

Ultimately, I already said we have to check dasa lord with asc lord friendship and same we have to check antadasa lord friendship with asc lord. For example group A planets like sun moon mars kethu jupiter  antadasa are do good for they respective rising if this planets are not placed shashtang from dasa lord. And gang B planets like saturn mercury rahu venus  antadasa are good its respective rising if it not placed shastang from dasa lord. The dasa lord and antadasa lord placement to each other and dasa lord vs ascendant lord relationship,antadasa lord vs ascendant lord relationship is going to decide which dasa and which antadasa is good and which dasa and which antadasa is bad.

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By contributing Author & Official Zaftyg Astrologer Maniyan Annadurai.

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