Welcome back to this 12-part series by Maniyan for Zaftyg Magazine & our Contemporary Approach to Astrology Course. Scorpio is one of the eight signs in Vedic astrology which is considered as the sign of mysterious, intense, intuitive, magnetic, and dark Scorpio will always have the capability to swallow energy like a dark hole. This sign of Scorpio will always have strong intuitive power to read the mind of people and also make them understand on a high emotional level this is a sign which always loves things that threaten or look fearful. You may now BOOK YOUR VEDIC READING with Maniyan below – Black Friday Sale for $19.97 x 30 mins. Valid 11/16/22-12/22/22. Let’s continue on – Learn, Heal, Shop, Discover Zaftyg.


 When the Moon is in Scorpio, it gets debilitated (exalted in Taurus) and these ascendant people really don’t know how to express their emotions, it can be hard to open up about what they feel deep inside. Sometimes the sign of Scorpio is intense feelings, and if they love someone or if they hate someone, intensity is the word. inside but they don’t know how to express it up to an emotional level one thing we can be sure about this sign is that this sign can make revenge easily and never forget people soon in the life the Vishaka, Anuradha, Jyeshta are three nakshatras comes under Scorpio sign so here we going to discuss functional benefic and malefic of Scorpio sign.

Functional Benefic of Scorpio

The Sun, the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter are considered as the functional benefic of the Scorpio Rising in Vedic Astrology. So, if we take The Sun, which rules the 10th lord so this person has a high chance to be highly authoritative jobs and administrative jobs particularly if this person is born at the full moon and The Sun aspect Leo, there is a high chance of being a politician or in government sectors for sure. 

Their mother-in-law will be highly authoritative and egoistic and dominant nature for sure so if we take a moon that rules the 9th house for Scorpio Rising, so the father will be the highly emotional and intuitive person who always stands for them.

So they can always feel emotional balance when they move abroad or travel long distances, also they will get a Guru (teacher or guide) who will teach them and guide them about morals through emotional values. 

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Here The Sun is the 10th lord and the Moon the 9th lord, the Sun and Moon are friends to each other, so Dharmakarpathi yoga will be good for this sign when the Moon and Sun conjunct or aspect to each other.

 if we take Jupiter which rules 2nd and 5th so their financial growth will be good and peak after the marriage only like particularly the children born they will be in a good stable of financial growth also for some people there is a high chance to get assets and properties through they spouse side they will get a children’s who will highly knowledgable and generous with good characteristics for sure so if we take about mars which rules the 1st and also 6th so we can say they are they own enemy for sure like because of the actions they get enemies at the same time they can win them too and they daily routine is always very competitive and busy for sure.


Functional malefic of Scorpio

Saturn, Mercury, Rahu, and Ketu are considered as functional malefic of Scorpio Risings, so if we take Saturn which rules the 3rd and 4th houses, they do always not have a good understanding from the mother and elder siblings.

 like their mother is very strict and cold and lacks emotions so mostly they do not have a balance with their mother. They may have to face frequent repairs and services when they buy houses and cars and need to spend a lot. 

Also if we take Mercury which rules the 8th and 11th houses, which is one of the big malefics for Scorpios, because Mercury vs. Mars is directly opposite in nature, so they need to be very careful in investing in share and stock and insurance companies.

If Mercury is weak in a chart and also they will get good business friends but they will never gonna be emotionally available and supportive of them so if we take Rahu or Ketu, depending upon the sign it is placed in and if a conjunction happens it will behave like benefic or malefic, but this Rahu or Ketu does not have the influence of Mars and Saturn.

Functional neutral of Scorpio

Venus has considered a functional neutral of Scorpio it rules the 7th and 12th houses in a Scorpio Rising chart, so they will get very beautiful and attract a partner. And a highly romantic one also there have a passionate romance and fight with each other at the same time Venus rules the 12th house so export and import related to clothes and women’s dresses and artistic materials and also investing money in restaurants on foreign land are good for them.