The Sagittarius is considered the 9th sign and house in Vedic Astrology and Sagittarius is traditionally ruled by Jupiter. Which is one of the Moola Trikona Rashi(sign) of Jupiter and any planets which fall in Sagittarius which is considered positive. Welcome back to all of our students from the Udemy Course – Contemporary Approach to Astrology. Follow on with these easy-to-read articles in Zaftyg magazine while on your personal astrological experience. As always, we’re here to answer students’ questions via Udemy and I am giving a holiday sale – BOOK YOUR VEDIC READING WITH ME FOR JUST $19.97 THROUGH 12/22/22.


It is positive because of its Moola Trikona Rashi of Jupiter, Sagittarius is a highly positive sign in both d1 and d9 Vedic charts. Sagittarius is a sign of adventure, thrill, wisdom and knowledge it represents the sign of Guru, teacher, and elders in life and this is the sign of fortunes in life the Moola, Purva ashada, Uttara Shada pada 1,2 these are the nakshatras falls in Sagittarius being a fire sign but the aggression and fire is always in a sensible way so here we going to analyze the benefic and malefic of Sagittarius sign in Vedic Astrology.

Functional Benefic of Sagittarius Rising

The Sun, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Ketu are considered as functional benefic of Sagittarius rising, so if we take The Sun which rules the 9th house for this ascendant, so it indicates the father will be a highly authoritative and government-influential person. 

At the same time, these natives will get a lot of contacts and help from government sectors related to people and politicians. At the same time, their brother-in-law will be a highly authoritative and dominating person. They will get a highly authoritative figure as a Guru who will lead and guide them to get success in life.

So if we take the Moon which rules the 8th house for Sagittarius rising in Vedic Astrology, the partner income will always seem to be unstable, at the same time the shares and stocks and gambling will not give positive results for them, so better avoid taking more risk in these things.

At the same time, they are high chances for these natives, to settle abroad, particularly in the western countries or western parts of their city or country.

So if we take Mars which rules the 5th and 12th houses for Sagittarius rising, which shows their luck will get activated after childbirth in life. At the same time, this person always needs to face very lot of expenditures abroad, the Sagittarius natives are very passionate and aggressive in learning new things in life.

In their childhood, they are very harsh and aggressive but later 30s they behave maturely and get the energy of wisdom through the help of ascendant lord Jupiter so if we take Jupiter which rules the 1st and 4th it indicates this person is very generous and helpful in nature they always give guidance for people who really needs that at the same time their mother will be highly spiritual.

And these people are good at saving gold and also their properties always expand as much as they grow whatever properties they buy in life, it always is artistic and luxurious.

And for them investing shares in banking sectors and gold help them to get success in life so if we take Ketu, it is always a friendly planet for Jupiter because both conjuncts will for Kela yoga as I said before Ketu needs to have a connection of Jupiter, individual chart to do benefic things to the individuals in life.


Functional malefic of Sagittarius rising

Saturn, Mercury, Venus & Rahu are considered as functional malefics of Sagittarius rising, so if we take Saturn which rules 2nd and 3rd houses, which shows that this person’s income will be slow steady, and stable then their gradual improvement in life over time, so keep going.

 At the same time in the initial life period, they need to put in a lot and lots of hard work to achieve anything in their life, some times they need to face losses or depression, because, of their younger siblings.

So if we take Mercury, which rules the 7th and 10th houses, their spouse and mother-in-law will be highly calculative, business-minded, and talkative.

At the same time, the 7th house is considered as Bathaga Sthana, so the 7th house and 7th lord Mercury need not get high strength, which will affect the marriage life on Mercury dasa.

For this person, Sagittarius rising, the work related to educational institutions, marketing, electronics, and communications are good for them in careers.

 So if we take Venus which rules the 6th and 11th houses from Sagittarius rising, so Venus is one of the highest malefic planets for Sagittarius. So it brings diseases related to sugar and skin, so take caution with these to prevent disease.

And also in their daily routine life, they need to face problems because of females, like female bosses or authority in a job, but at the same time Venus rules the 11th house, so they have to get good benefits from females in business. Also from elder sisters based on Venus’s strength and conjunction we can decide that benefic from females will be good or bad for sure.

So if we take Rahu, which is considered as another malefic for Sagittarius rising, because the lord Jupiter is the planet of light and Rahu is a planet of darkness and shadows. So light and darkness are opposites to each other at the same the conjunction of Jupiter with Rahu, will form Guru Chandal yoga, which is not good yoga for sure. But if Rahu has to do good Sagittarius, it needs to fall in benefic signs and conjunction with benefic planet for sure.

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