It is said by many well-known astrologers that the Pluto+Moon aspects are rare. However, I have found a bias in our research and as astrologers, we must recognize that we also have a 7th house that attracts certain types of signs and energies to us. Having said that, I am a Pluto+Moon Rising and for me, it is NOT RARE to see this type conjunction, opposition, square, and quincunx. All of my immediate family have this, including my husband and some of his family. In addition, 9 out of 10 charts that cross my path have this type of aspect. This is respectfully based on my research over the last 30 years. Today Pluto is stationed at exactly 28 degrees of Capricorn in Tropical as it gets ready to retrograde. April 29, 2022 – October 8, 2022: Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Traditional Sidereal/Vedic does not use the three outer planets, but in case you use it in your practice, Pluto in Sidereal is at 4 degrees in Capricorn through 2040. The shadow phase or stationary I have found to be the strongest point in any retrograde.

What I am saying is that there is a biased in the natal charts we review. This means that other astrologers can and are attracting ‘partnerships’ from the 7th house that are completely different from what I attract. This means that Pluto+Moons tend to hang out in clusters and I tend to attract them. So this is also a good time for astrologers to understand that those we do predictions for are also the type of people we attract, keep that in mind. Just because you haven’t seen it or heard of it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And in my world, this is all I’ve ever known.

Now, currently in Sidereal Astrology RAHU Aries is transiting my 8th house, it’s time for me to do well-done research and build my lasting legacy in the next 18 months. What I will leave behind, and as an Ovarian Cancer Survivor, every moment is a gift of grace and fresh air from the heavens. And I want to thank you in advance for your trust in sharing your story through this research.

I am actively researching the following aspects and will be accepting natal charts with names/alias to be featured in my project. No, there is no fee. This is an exchange of energy.

And we all need a little bit of hope, something to aspire to and help us keep on keeping on, which is Saturn. 

I am open to studying for published research on any charts, however I am actively searching for the following in natal charts:

  1. Pluto+Moon aspects such as conjunction, opposition, square, quincunx 
  2. Pluto Rising Natal charts, must either be on the ascendant or in a stellium 
  3. Stelliums on the Ascendant especially 5+ planets (Open to any house stelliums!)
  4. Those born on or near an eclipse
  5. Any age, any race, any background, any religion, from any country! You could be from Mars and I’d ask “how to do we calculate that natal chart for that!”

You must provide the typical, date, time, and location. And yes, write up a paragraph or two and includes dates if you have them about significant events that have occurred in your life and how you’ve overcome them. This is a project of perseverance, resilience, and hope.

Must sign a release and waiver to be featured in the published works and either provide a high-resolution photo or artistic image, you must also sign and acknowledge that you have the legal rights to use this image. SUBMIT YOUR STORY HERE.

If you’re based in the Los Angeles metroplex or are in town, reach out to us! We’re documenting parts of this healing project in our DTLA headquarters. By appt. only, so please ensure to SUBMIT YOUR STORY HERE.

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