By Maniyan Annadurai (Admin for our course) for Zaftyg Magazine

Vedic Astrology it always contained beautiful secrets and intense answers, especially about the type of relationships planets have. This is very much a give in take magnetic pull between the planets. These planets always love to play significant parts in everyone’s life. Like humans, the planets have friendship, enemies, and neutrals to each other, as planets behave like humans socially. We can use the correct form here that humans behave like planets. So, I would love the chance to discuss the gangs of a planet in Vedic astrology. Need a professional Jyotish astrologer consultation? Book your consultation below. If you’re a student of our Contemporary Approach to Astrology – Udemy, welcome and namaste!


Vedic astrology is made of two gangs or groups of planets. The group of spiritual attainment and the group of material desires, the Sun, Moon, Mars, Ketu, and Jupiter, come under the spirituality group. The main motive of this planet is through spirituality and loyalty, and you can get the right thing and the right time. So from here on would the, each group will be known as ‘gangs.’

Here Jupiter is the leader of this gang, so in chart sun moon mars Jupiter Ketu conjunct with each other is basically good. Still, in rule, you have to consider Ketu need not to be conjunct with moon and sun mars. Because the Moon or Sun conjunct with Ketu or Rahu will make eclipse here. This means when you see this in a natal chart, that there was an eclipse at the time of birth.

And also, they behave like mars, so when Ketu conjunct with Mars, it will act like Mars x 2, or we can say like double nuclear weapons. If we talk about gangs of pleasures, the Saturn, Venus, Mercury and Rahu fall under this group of planets. The main motive of this gang is to take any steps to achieve whatever you want. Let’s say the most creative or jumping or benefiting through loopholes. For example, you will do anything to get pleasures created by humans like drugs, alcohol, sex, etc. The leader of this gang is the planet Venus.


You get the idea that two opposition leaders are always not comfortable with each other. That’s why Venus and Jupiter’s conjunction always gives a contrasting result; a leader of spirituality vs. a leader of human desires won’t match well. But, at the same time, Mercury is in the gang of pleasure; it will always feel comfortable with the sun. This is a gang of spirituality because Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and always considers the king his close friend. But, on the other hand, the king(Sun) always considers this ordinary man, Mercury, neutral. Likewise, Mercury’s so-called brain does not have comfortable with Moon’s so-called heart.

That’s why the brains and hearts will always tell a different story in decision making, so Moon vs. Mercury always contrast each other because the Moon rules over our emotional state and Mercury rules over our mental state. Likewise, Mars vs. Mercury are on of the most contrasting connections ever! Because they always feel irritated with each other. Moon, Mars and Jupiter or with Mars is always good because of the same gang for sure. Rahu, Venus, and Mercury are perfect for each other. Still, the drugs and Saturn, the alcoholic, are not considered a good combination because when a drug addict and alcoholic mingle, they destroy the plans. But Saturn, the alcoholic, and Ketu, the wise person, are always good. Still, this wise person will change the lousy nature of Saturn and make their spiritual and pursue spiritual attainment. So all factors and relationships we have to consider before making a chart prediction. There are exceptions to the rules and other aspects, and consider the dasa.

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