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Modern Tourmaline Minimal Ring


Zaftyg Lux Collection – Modern Tourmaline Minimal Ring. Rendered in 14-karat white and rose gold featuring Brilliant Black Diamond that immolates light, love, divine perfection and is the symbol of divine partnership, including female and male energy balance. This high vibrating metal has many health benefits and properties that can help with the health of your aura. Since gold is a natural metal that has healing properties, it also holds a balancing energy effect on the body. The harmonizing hz vibration helps put your mind, body and soul at ease with God or source. Gold helps to attract abundance, increases your energy, mental focus and emotional state. Paraiba is the Tourmaline word given to the stone with blue to green tones of vividness. 


The center ring sports a dual prong-set of a Paraiba Tourmaline with excellent clarity from Brazil in 14k rose gold.

The jacket has 4 taper baguettes-cut black diamonds in 14k white gold.

Custom made: Please add notes for your ring size at check-out.

Tourmaline’s healing properties include balancing the left and the right side of the brain. In addition, it promotes self-confidence, and helps overcome hand eye coordination issues.

In ancient Egypt, divine gold was considered to be indestructible and associated with the brilliance of the sun, and Nebu is the symbol for gold. Gold was considered to be of the God Ra and therefore when worn, God is vibrating with you and you are protected. In addition to being surrounded by God, natural alloy was also used, which is an electrum of gold, silver, and copper frequently used on thrones and thumbs to ensure luck in the afterlife.


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