Our Place in the Universe: May 2021 Forecast.

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By contributing Author Mary Guthrie for Zaftyg Magazine.

This is a natural time to look back. 2020 had so many of us feeling so much stress. 2020 held seven eclipses, which may have predicted or reflected the turmoil we all experienced. No matter our station, we were caught in a whiplash moment that we couldn’t seem to break free from. Growth, spiritually and personally, was put on the back burner. We hunkered down and conserved our strength. It was cold but we tended our own light, and glimpsed the dim lights of castles in the distance. Don’t forget, you can also book a consultation with Zaftyg’s trusted astrologers such as Maniyan and Heather with a combined experience of over 35+ years. Let the learning begin!

May of this year foreshadows some challenges but also conflicts that can bring about progress. This could be reflected in the political landscape, the future of the environment or just how we’re approaching life at work and at home. The planets keep spinning in a backwards waltz, and this bewitching movement keeps us all guessing about the potential impacts in our lives.

The portrait of the sky as we enter May shows the Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus. The Sun can represent our people of authority, or those leading the way creatively and artistically. Uranus meanwhile can reveal actions that seem shocking or rebellious. The conjunct could indicate actions from our leaders showing a new moment of daring and even rebellion. 

In our own lives this could be a time to consider what changes need to happen in our lives and how boldly we’d like to approach them.

May 3- Mercury enters Gemini

Mercury returns to its home sign of Gemini. This will bring harmonious energy, leading to a good flow in communication. Spoiler alert: Mercury will go retrograde later in May. It’s a good idea to start challenging projects now, or to go ahead and have any difficult conversations that you know need to take place. Take advantage of the ease of communication while you can.

May 8- Venus Enters Gemini

Venus joins Mercury in Gemini. Venus the planet of love also represents the joys in life, which could help us to feel more social and chatty than usual. This would be a great time to catch up with old friends, and dare we say it? We might even SEE those old friends. 

Mercury and Venus will both be visible in our night sky, and these planets seem to be lively and interactive. There is more natural light in our part of the world. There is pleasure in exploring connectedness. It’s a great time to enjoy warmth and freedom.


May 11- New Moon in Taurus 

The New Moon and the Sun are both in Taurus. There is powerful energy present that helps prepare us for the coming Eclipse Season. This energy is a signal to look within and care for our inner thought processes and wellbeing. This could be a big moment on the national scale. Could this be when we finally start to address climate change? Our planet is one of many but we cannot chose another. The new moon brings new hope.

May 13- Jupiter enters Pisces

When Jupiter enters Pisces, it will bring a fresh energy. This may heighten our imaginations and activate our intuition. Jupiter in Pisces can also turn our thoughts to the magical and mystical. 

It can be a time to take stock of any trauma in our history. Healing and growing can be dynamic. Care for yourself and care for each other. We’ve all got some deep bruising and tender spots that have just scarred over. We are strong at the broken places but we must consider how we gained those strengths.

Jupiter and Saturn both square with Uranus at times throughout the year, leading to feeling unsettled. Things are evolving, but Saturn is there to demand action for the greater good.

May 14- Mercury Enters Shadow Period

Mercury starts to slow down, preparing to go into retrograde at the end of May. Some of us feel the effects of retrograde most strongly during this shadow period.

Be not afraid though. Retrograde brings uncertainty but it can be a powerful time to reexamine and reflect. We want to be careful going forward and this moment slowly helps us to prepare.


May 20- Sun Enters Gemini 

Gemini season begins and the Air Sign brings a great time for writers and thinkers, unlocking creativity with words. Bind those winged thoughts onto paper and release them into the world. Minds are sharpened and are ready to hear new ideas and ideals. 

More prosaically, it’s a good time to zero out your inbox, and maybe tend to career goals. Where do you see yourself? Time doesn’t hold us but it may be time to interview yourself.

The world is opening back up and it’s natural to feel anxious about socializing. Ask yourself what feels right. Set strong but flexible boundaries. 

And spiritually, now is a good time to check in with yourself and your values. Use your powers for good, for expansion rather than limitation.


May 23- Saturn Retrograde

Saturn joins Pluto in retrograde. It’s important to remember that a planet cannot actually reverse course – it only looks that way from our perspective here on Earth. While we look to the planets for meaning, we do so with limits on our vision. We must use our imagination to free ourselves from the constraints of what we cannot see. 

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May 26- Blood Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius 

The Moon comes close to us, and is cloaked in dark red as we experience a total lunar eclipse. It can bring feelings of chaos. This is a pivotal cosmic event with very strong energy, bringing portents of change. We can bend this energy to bring ourselves to a deeper consciousness. This can feel heavy but by being poised and open we can accept this evolution and tap into new insight. We may get news that we find disturbing but try to dwell in your new inner strength. You can be the change you want to see in the world.

Self-care is part of caring for all the world. Do your part.

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May 29- Mercury Retrograde 

Another significant slowdown, from our perspective at least. It may feel like a retreat but it’s a good time to focus on what we can control. 


A Separate Peace

We have made it through a third of a year and it is good. Look to the skies and then locate your place in the giant clockwork. We are grounded and connected to this earth as time carries us through the heavens, and the measurement of this perfect movement brings us closer to our essential selves.

By contributing Author Mary Guthrie for Zaftyg Magazine.

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