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The Sun is in Virgo, the Moon in Capricorn by October 7th & 8th, the Moon moves into Aquarius, and so on into Pisces; remember, the Moon changes signs every 2.5 days. Also, Venus and Mercury are in Virgo, and it’s Mercury’s sign of exaltation (which means Pisces is Mercury’s debilitation). The planet Mars is in Taurus and Gemini access through January 2023 as it will retro soon. Let’s forget the nodes. Rahu in Aries and Ketu is in the sign of Libra, where the partial solar eclipse occurs in the nakshatra of Swati on October 25th/26th. Jupiter remains retro in its sign of rulership of Pisces, and Saturn is stationed direct in its own sign of rulership of Capricorn. Remember, to look at this from your sidereal Ascendant or Moon sign or your running dasa sign.


Aries rising and moon sign

The house lord mars in the 2nd house, which is considered a not good favorable period for sure the arguments can be raised frequently at the same time, Saturn moon in the 10th which gives the stressful atmosphere at work. At the same time, Jupiter is in the 12th, which aspect 4th and 6th houses, and the 8th house. So this is a good period for finding a new job, buying properties, and getting good results in market shares and stock markets. Jupiter, in the 12th aspect of the Sun, Venus, and Mercury, is good for money flow and benefits children. At the same time, health issues may arise because of stress, so frequent health checks will be good for this month.

Taurus rising and Moon sign

The house lord venus in 5th along with Sun and Mercury and aspected by Jupiter from 11th, which is a very good month for sure, and there are a lot of chances to gain money through the network circle. And older siblings and the work pressure you have faced in the past months will be completely solved this month. At the same time, the mars in the 1st house aspect the 4th, 7th, 8th houses, so try to avoid the fights at home and with partners and don’t take quick decisions in anything which end up in negative results so control the hastiness while taking the decisions about the career and life.

Gemini rising and moon sign

The house lord is exalted in the 4th house along with Sun and Venus, and Jupiter in the 10th house, aspecting the house lord, which is a very good month for you. You will earn more respect, and your self-esteem will be increased in the home and workplace. For a few people, there is a high chance of getting promotions in their careers simultaneously; for people working in the banking, finance, and income tax sectors, this is a good period to succeed in their careers. At the same time, Jupiter is making the aspects on the 2nd house; there is a high chance that separated couples will get reunions, and at the same time, new cash flow opportunities will surely happen. Even a possibility of conceiving at this time.

Cancer rising and moon sign

The house lord is in the 7th house, in a waxing stage but conjunct with Saturn, which is considered one of the most stressful months. So rest easy, wear silver and/or pearls and fast on Mondays with the doctor’s permission. In this period, your mental health will be affected more at the same time, you’re going to get stressed about very little things. And will react very strongly to small things. The Sun, Venus, and Mercury are in the 3rd house of short-distance travels, mind, and communication, so there is a high chance of a short-term journey for you. With Mars in the 11th house, avoid unwanted arguments with older siblings. Also, Ketu is in your 4th and Rahu in your 10th, so the house atmosphere is not much at peace. Best to avoid investments in real estate at this time. Jupiter is in your 9th house, aspecting the 1st house, giving you the strength to overcome all the negative setbacks. Just remember to breathe and sit under the moonlight if you can. You got this.


Leo rising and moon sign

The house lord in 2nd is conjunct with Mercury and Venus and aspect by Jupiter, which is one of the best periods. This month is of prestige get. You will get an increase in confidence. The struggles that happened in the past month will get solved this month. Jupiter is in the 8th, which makes the aspect on the 12th and 2nd, and 4th, so the cash flow will be good. People looking for a long-distance journey will click and connect this month. Saturn is in the house of the 6th, so this period is of winning over your enemies and diseases. You must avoid workplace politics because Mars is in 10th, so try to avoid workplace arguments. With business partners and people working in civil services, construction, and real estate, this will surely be a period of growth.

Virgo rising and moon sign

The house lord exalted in 1st house, conjunct with Venus and Sun, and aspected by Jupiter. It’s one of the luckiest periods for you, Virgos. And month for you and this period, your confidence, ego, and self-esteem. Saturn and moon conjunction is happening in the 5th house, so some worries may happen because of children. And Mars in the 9th, so unwanted and useless long-distance journeys may happen, so think twice before making a long-distance journey. At the same time, Ketu is in 2nd and Rahu in 8th, so the occult interest will increase more, and try to save money during this month and avoid unwanted spending this month for sure.

Libra rising and moon sign

The house lord is initially debilitated in your 12th house, and it is getting Neesha Banga raja yoga, in conjunction with Mercury. So the first half of the month will be a little bit of a setback. Still, the second half of the month will be completely powerful. Saturn+moon conjunction will aspect your 4th, so the home atmosphere lacks some positive vibes. But Saturn makes the 3rd aspect on the 6th house, which is super good for winning disease and enemies. And at the same time, Jupiter is in 6th, making the aspect on 10th. For people writing exams or searching for jobs related to income tax, finance, banking, and teaching. This is a good period to crack it well at the same time, Sun on the 12th, so your sleeping pattern will get disturbed during this month for sure; you can take lavender oil as a remedy and sleeping music.

Scorpio rising and moon sign

The house lord in the 7th and aspect the 1st house and Jupiter in the 5th and aspect the 1st house is the most favorable month. The planet Mars in your 7th house can bring conflicts in a relationship. But the fights always end with the most beautiful romance because of Venus’s energy. Mars is the same as the Sun, Venus, and Mercury’s conjunction in your 11th house. Which is very good for business trades and marketing. Saturn moon conjunction happens in the 3rd house, which is not good for a short journey, and some unwanted issues may happen because of younger siblings and try to avoid emotional fights with younger siblings.

Sagittarius rising and moon sign

The house lord in the 4th house and getting strength which is a really good period at the same time; some people can get luck through the mother. So you will have a good environment in the home as the Sun, Mercury and Venus conjunction is happening in your 10th. This is highly good for career growth and new promotions in a job. The people who are invested in the share and stock market can feel the gains on this month at the same time Saturn and the Moon conjunction happens in your 2nd, so too much spending will end in restricted money flow, so the month of savings needs to follow.

Capricorn rising and moon sign

The house lord in 1st house and conjunct with Moon, which is not good for your mental health now. Take time to relax, ground yourself, and self-care to get mental clarity. Some setbacks can happen at the same time 7th lord moon in the 1st, so the spouse and partnership seem too little stressful at the same time. The Sun, Venus, and Mercury conjunction is happening in your 9th house, so a lot of help can come from the father’s side. He will be like a strong supporting system this month; not only a father but also a father figure, and guru-like people will support you.

Aquarius rising and Moon

The house lord is in 12th and conjunct with Moon, so this is the period of isolation and lack of sleep. At the same time, Mars is in 4th, which brings unwanted fights with mother. At the same time, sun venus mercury conjunction happening in the 8th, so the time of unwanted affairs can happen, which brings a roller coaster in a relationship. So try to avoid affairs simultaneously because Ketu, in your 9th, affects your father’s health. Rahu, in the 3rd, gives too much overconfidence, which needs to be controlled. And the 5th lord in the 8th and 7th lord in the 8th house is not good transit for a love relationship and marriage, so try to be careful in a relationship.

Pisces rising and moon

The house lord is in your 1st house and aspects the 7th house, which the Sun, Mercury, and Venus conjunction, so this is the very much period for you and also for our partners, the people who are looking for a relationship or marriage will easily get in this time. People who approach their friends for help will benefit from them, and long-term waiting for help will get okay on this time and mars in 3rd, so the younger sibling may bring trouble in the relationship. Still, it doesn’t affect Saturn’s Moon on the 11th. Hence, the network circle gets jealous of you for ur new growth, and also, some unwanted situations and defame may happen because of elder siblings on this period at the same time, from the children’s side. You can get some good news, and people looking for pregnancy will get positive results at this time.

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The Sagittarius is considered the 9th sign and house in Vedic Astrology and Sagittarius is traditionally ruled by Jupiter. Which is one of the Moola Trikona Rashi(sign) of Jupiter and any planets which fall in Sagittarius which is considered positive. Welcome back to all of our students from the Udemy Course – Contemporary Approach to Astrology. Follow on with these easy-to-read articles …
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