In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is all about finding the answers of any of life’s secrets. This universe  always has a lot of unrevealed secrets and some secrets are not reach by human brain yet. Those also ruled by Mercury are of calculative mind, speech, writing and calculations (like accounts and audits), and making plans before doing any thing its comes under the Mercury minded or even chart ruler people or business and even an event. Read to take you next step? SIGN-UP NOW to Contemporary Approach to Astrology Certification or YOUR JYOTISH VEDIC ASTROLOGY READING WITH ME – BOOK NOW!

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Like we can fathom the ideas, as we are mortals. But what our intelligence can creating, like new technologies and techniques of doing things. And this also includes reaching extreme levels of modernism. Mercury rules our brain and intellect, that our rational and logical minds. One’s mind ruled by Mercury will continuously create new techniques and calculative moves like in a game of checkers or chess. Mercury is planet rules human nerves system, thats why its rules green color in astrology. Because when we are in nature around green it calms our nerves and mind to be able to think logically. Mercury is the planet of communication and business minded individuals.

Mercury also rules Astrology, because astrology is the art of calculation like mathematics. So good mercury needs to be in the individual chart to become a great Astrologer. Mercury always needs to be square with the moon so-called Kendra from the moon.

“In the Natal Chart, after trines (5th and 9th houses), Kendra houses are the most significant of all. If benefic planets are placed in the Kendra house, it enhances the internal strength of an individual. This helps the person to face the difficulties of life. He is prepared to face the challenges of ill health with courage.” – Astrobix

Why? Because Mercury will always be strong when it is placed a kendra from moon. The kendra houses are like the four mirrors placed opposite each other. So, when you pass the light in one mirror it passes in all remaining three of them. The same when kendras houses are light, receiving the point in charts. It means that the lagna or the ascendant light, the moon’s light always passes through kendra from it placed, so therefore Mercury will always gets positive light, but only when it is placed in kendra from moon’s location in the natal. Now, if that moon was a full moon, it means that the power of mercury will be stronger. And, if that mercury receives additional aspects from Jupiter(the planet of truth, expansion and abundance) in this combination, than the person is one of most talented and calculative and intellectual people out there and you won’t out bid them in the long run. Mercury is always exalted in the sign of Virgo, it’s own sign of rulership of course it also rules Gemini. Mercury is the only planet in Vedic Astrology, which when it is exalted in its own sign get’s extra surge of energy like a bit of a retrograde when when a planet stations. And lastly Mercury does get debilitated in the sign of Pisces when in the natal or in a transit.


Vedic astrology is always made up of lots hidden messages that traditionally have been taught and passed down through culture and family and intertwined with Hinduism. When mercury is debilitated in the of pisces, it is also has a hidden message that many astrologers don’t discuss, that is, Venus get’s exalted in the sign of pisces. And as Venus is the planet of pleasures and all we knew when humans enjoying the extreme of pleasure of life, the brain will not work like physical pleasure or money or alcohol that may fog the intellect of one’s mind which is Mercury. This is the hidden reason that mind may get, so called mercury weak in pisces, because of pleasures so Venus rewards and even gets exalted on it in the sign of Pisces. Mercury is the first planet in solar family after the sun and it always travels near the sun, never too far behind and sometimes moves quicker like early in 2022 between March – May, Mercury went through three sings in Vedic by the end of that transits where it ended up ahead of the sun for a bit and it was combust the sun until May 30th, recently during the latest Mercury retrograde which ended June 2 and now we’re headed into 140 days of Saturn’s yearly retrograde through October 22/23.

secrets of mercury

In my research on Mercury in astrology, I can say that mercury does not have any combustion with the sun in dosha in Vedic astrology. The people that fear the combusts, I can say that there is always the exception to the rule. For example if a combust planet gets Parivarthana or aspected by Jupiter or the blessings of a full moon, it is not considered as combust. Mercury always rules green so wearing green clothes or pouring water to green planets and making pet as green parrot is one of best remedies to make Mercury vibes as strong as possible. And let’s not forget, worshipping lord meenakshi is always one of the best remedies done on each Wednesday ruled by Mercury and which makes Venus energy just as strong. We all hope you’ve enjoyed the latest Zaftyg Magazine article. I am here to answer all your questions as students when you are registered as a student for Zaftyg’s CEO & Founder’s Course – Contemporary Approach to Astrology. And additionally, listening to relaxed music on studying are good days to reserve for study.

By Contributing Author Maniyan Annadurai for Zaftyg Magazine.

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