Hello Zaftyg readers and enthusiasts! My name is Alexa. I prefer Lex. My middle and last name given at birth are from a man who was abusive to my mother, so I’ve changed my full name to Lex Ray Angelica. Ray, is the middle name my mom wanted to give me (homage to Ray Charles) and Angelica is a spiritual name I resonate with. I love Angels. I am from and currently living in Central FL. I grew up in a rather residential type city called Deltona. Pretty much a cheaper place for people to live who also wanna be like 20min to the beach and 30 or 40 minutes to Orlando. Not much going on in Deltona, so growing up, I spent a lot of time creating music, art, etc and hanging out with my friends down the road. And this is where it all started!

“Love is in everything. Every fruit fly. Every ant. Every letter. Every word. Every sip of water. Every bite of food. Every hair. Every song. Every smell. Every day. ” – LEX

I’ve sung since I was pretty much three years old. I wrote my first pop song lyrics when I was about ten years old. I had been the lead singer of a rock band with my high school friends from about 2010 to 2014, during that time I got the most practice performing, composing, managing, and started learning guitar and keyboard. In 2018 after a musical hiatus I decided to create music as a solo artist under the name “MVTCHI” and self-produced two albums. And I’ve been coming into my own really since then. Fast forward present day at the good age of twenty-eight, I am an independent singer/songwriter and music producer. A HUGE THANK YOU for my photographer @DCHFOTOS!

In my spare time I like to create abstract 2D art, I work mostly with acrylic paint but have been drawing a lot lately (back to my teenage doodling roots). I write poetry, published my first book in 2018 called “How the Heart Breaks”. I am ordained and a psychic medium/ascension guide. Through a page I created in 2020 called Love Freely Movement, I provide mediumship services as well as divine guidance and spiritual counseling. I have learned through my innate creativity that my talents have no bounds.

  • What are you currently working on?

Well I just recently released an album on SoundCloud and YouTube (debut as Lex Ray Angelica) just this April 2022, called “Happy Before You”. I create this music to help with a very challenging break up in 2021. It had left me with only my iPad and my headphones as my “equipment”, so I almost chose not to release anything. But one day I woke and chose to make the best I could with what I have. So that’s out now! Spotify and Apple Music release date TBD. In the meantime, I am finishing up some music videos for the album and in the process of finishing up a 16-song follow up album (name not released yet – but coming soon!), another one made solely on my iPad. Starting from scratch is more fun than I thought! Try it sometime! It’s healing and freeing!

Oh! I’ve also gotten back on Tiktok for fun! It’s a nice space to just… play around. I mostly just make videos to laugh at myself! 

I’ve got a couple bands and side albums in the works. Not too much share just yet but it will be nice to collaborate with friends and family as well on some future projects! 
I have a new art series that will be ongoing (I guess until I say it’s finished) called “Recovery” which started literally in my recovery from Major depressive disorder and panic disorder which I’ve coped with for over a decade, after the break up last year though I relapsed incredibly and hospitalized myself for about a week in order to get well enough to function. I wasn’t eating properly or bathing or speaking for close to 5 months. So this art series is kind of another means to heal myself but also share the process of my recovery with those who support my art and anyone who may come across my pieces and resonate. “Recovery Pt. 1” will be released soon, all abstract 2D paper works in exclusively crayon. That was the first thing I used to draw with when I was very ill. Crayons were given to me by my brother when I had none of my belongings yet after the break up and I knew something magical was to come out of them. I intend for each part of this ongoing series to be a different medium. I’m excited to have fun with it all. 

I’m happily starting to working with clients through Love Freely Movement again. It’s so nice to have my health and energy back so that I can serve others as God sends them to me. I have plans for a new website and to get a bit more organized but I also work best just going with the flow of things. Taking opportunity as it comes. 
Im also working on this amazing interview with Zaftyg! So blessed to be doing this right now! 

  • Where can readers find and listen or connect with you?

Absolutely! You can find me on YouTube link to the full album “HAPPY BEFORE YOU” is here (you’ll find my homemade music videos on my channel!): https://youtu.be/gGYm9xwo1To

On Tiktok and SoundCloud – Lex Ray Angelica or listen to my music on SoundCloud here: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/2FuNqR113ZedNWRB9

You can also find me on Instagram under @lexrayangelica – music

main IG @lexrayangelica
@rev.lexrayartwork – art IG 
@lovefreelymovement – spiritual service IG

  • What is your current career highlight?

I think right right now, I’m actually really excited about this interview and the photoshoot that my great long time friend and excellent photographer Deborah Hanco Photography did for me FOR this interview. I’ve mentioned that I took quiet a tumble in 2021 with my health and adjusting to this new single life after being with someone and engaged for almost 7 years. This right here really feels like a huge step toward my future. Honestly. Feels like reassurance from God that I’m on my highest path by continuing to pursue, not just life in general, but my creative life, and mostly… my music. 

  • What are your goals/dreams for the future?

I am a dream machine. I have new inspirations for the future on the daily. But off the top of my head right now, I would really really love to get some new recording equipment and put out an album of a bit higher quality (as far as the production goes) and then go on a tour. For as long as I’ve been creating and performing music, I’ve played lots of shows but I’ve never actually booked a legitimate tour. That’s definitely a dream of mine! I love traveling!

I used to admire rock bands I loved when I was a teenager and literally just want to be their merch-person so I could be on the tour! I just love the fantasy of taking my music on the road across the country and meeting people and experiences a plethora of different things that I can call memories one day. 

I enjoy meeting new people and experiencing a plethora of different things. I have pretty big dream-plans for Love Freely Movement, well big to me, I’ve been day dreaming of hand painting/designing my own set of angel tarot card and oracle decks. I’ll start there and let you know how long that takes me! I set big goals that seem unattainable I believe simply because I love the challenge and I love the “journey” as they say. When I get the advice to “chop my big goals into little ones” I roll my eyes every time. I’m sure I’m not the only one who just likes to see that long crazy road ahead and just keep stepping. Even when new things pop up, I get onto some side project or new idea, some I write down, some I actually execute to completion but either way, I also like to look back up and see I have that big long road of creation still ahead of me. My entire life revolves around “what (how much) can I create while I’m here on this earth in this lifetime?” 

Other than that I’m working on continuing to help my mom and brother whom I live with right now, to getting a house somewhere somehow. We currently live in an RV park. The community is quite nice but my mom and brother want more space and they definitely deserve it. Plus, I’d love to have a room/studio and get my cats back from my ex! Haha. Strict pet rules here at the RV park. 

  • What originally attracted you to music?

I like how this question is worded. “Attracted”… Well I’ll star by saying the childrens show Barney had me singing my heart out with my little cassette/microphone speaker toy thing I had when I was like 3/4. I think I just always loved how quickly my mind could remember Melodies and lyrics, and I’ve always been a performer at heart so I would love singing for my mom and family as a little one. It seemed that music equaled love (and attention which I craved being the youngest child). 

But in all seriousness, when I was twelve I heard Aretha Franklin’s voice for the first time, and it awakened something in me. Soul. There’s always soul elements in my singing no matter what genre I’m creating.

From then on into my teen-hood to now, I’m obsessed with singers that are just EXPLODING with soul and emotion. Whether the music is loud, soft, “good”, “bad”, any genre, doesn’t matter, I just LOVE seeing/hearing the soul in someone’s voice/instrument and of course their lyrics too. I’m a lyric junkie. I’ve always been attracted to a big soulful sound, with real true to the point lyrics. “Respect” by Aretha woke me up when I was still playing with Bratz dolls.  I spent day after day learning every word and memorizing everything her voice did in the recording I found. It’s still my #1 karaoke song of choice if I’m ever out doing that sort of thing. 

  • What is a typical work week look like for you?

Well. What works for me works for me, so I’m not saying this is advice for anyone else. But I truly just go with the flow. Sometimes I know I have certain focuses for the week or month. Or maybe a deadline or two. But I will go ahead and just say, I don’t set deadlines for myself on anything unless I think it will help with my own mental health in staying focused. Sometimes with anxiety and depression I can lose focus easily or get lethargic or exhausted. I think I’m literally always… ALWAYS, I am working on something and my schedule is more like scheduling when I’m going to force myself to rest and relax. Like right now actually lol. I said this morning “today I’m not doing anything. Just going to rest and receive” but here I am at 1am finishing this interview up! And loving it!

I fall into a category called a “manifesting generator” which basically means, straight forward schedules actually hinder my ultimate ability to create and attract opportunity and joy. So it’s been quite fun learning to embrace my more “sporadic” work/rest schedule rather than reject it. In my past relationship I was essentially being hammered into a mold I didn’t fit for years and years. And now I’m letting my true shape relax and expand. 

If I could give an example of my week, I’d say it in percentages like : 25% of my week is writing music, mixing music, recording music, making music related plans (videos, Collabs, etc.) 5% of my week is focused on my mental health and doctors visits being that I’m still on medication since my hospitalization in October 2021. 30% of my week is SOLELY manifesting/daydreaming. 20% is channeling for myself and others (love freely movement) 10% is social media sharing and connecting 5% is praying and doing nothing at all (the best I can) typically outside or in bed and 5% is other stuff like touching up artwork, cooking, laundry, lists, family & dog bonding time, reminiscing, researching things just because, hitting my friends up, and observing myself, my emotions, ya know, human things.  

  • Who has influenced you?

Musically, I mentioned Aretha Franklin. But I’m also very influenced by Freddie Mercury. I just love seeing/feeling energy from certain artists. It’s not really about influencing my SOUND, just influencing my PASSION for being a singer and musician. Other influences are Chris Cornell, Lauryn Hill, lots of emo & indie bands (shout out my teenage self), and newer artists like Daniel Caesar, Keaton Henson, SZA, Yebba, Billie Eilish (Of course, I’m convinced you can’t not love her), and honestly probably every singer I’ve ever scrolled upon on Tiktok. These people half my age are on their singing like ANGELS, I just love to see people do their thing. That’s what influences me to keep doing my thing. And I hope, vice versa. 

Oh did I mention God? Thank you God for everything. 

  • Do you have any tips for others that have similar dreams?

If you’ve ever seen any of my content my biggest thing is “DON’T GIVE UP”. I beg and plead and demand artists to just do the best they can and never give up. We rest. We break. We hide sometimes. But as artists, It’s who we are. And no matter how our lives change, I pray and beg and scream “DON’T GIVE UP!” Not on yourself. Not on your purpose. Let life take you where you’re meant to be and don’t get caught up feeling like you’re missing out on anything. You’re not. You’re right where you’re meant to be. And soon you’ll be where you’re meant to be next! Don’t give up.

Dream as big as you possibly can. Take care of YOUR HEALTH! YOU NEED IT! and do whatever you can to press “mute” on those around you who try to tell you what’s best for your life. You choose. You decide. And I hope no matter what it is or looks like, it’s authentic, it’s true, and it’s you. Don’t give up on you. Nothing is impossible and no one has ever been you before. Your path is 10000% unique to you. Live this life in the way that makes most sense to you. And when someone gives you advice that you’re meant to hear, you’ll hear it and you’ll keep it. If someone tells you some B-S that is only meant to challenge your trust in yourself, it’ll frustrate you…but come back home to who you are. And live life there.

What’s best FOR THE AUTHENTIC YOU is best FOR ALL OF US ON THIS EARTH! Keep going. We’re all figuring it out 1 by 1. To be creative is a gift, just as life itself. No matter what any grumpy people have to say about it. Grumpy people who don’t support artists ALSO listen to the radio and watch tv and have a favorite band/singer. Think about that one. We may not be for everyone but we’re for someone even if it’s just for ourselves. That’s enough for me anyway.

Ps I love you. And you’re amazing at what you do. 

  • What advice would you give another who has similar goals?

Everything I said in my previous answer haha! But, also strengthen the sh*t out of your strengths. You know what that is (or they are). What feels most natural to you is meant to grow and grow so keep growing those skills. Then in time, as you get inspired to learn new skills, add them into what you already love to do. If you’re a natural great singer, find a friend who plays an instrument to back you up and maybe soon you’ll learn a bit too and can back yourself up. Don’t be afraid to collaborate with others. I get selfish with my work ALOT because I have a common thing we artists develop called: perfectionism, but collaborating especially with those you love can be so refreshing and fun and magic can and will be made!

You’ll learn so much about yourself and others by making art & music & creating with them. It’s such a loving experience. Also fear and doubt WILL CONTINUE TO APPEAR but you will get more and more courageous as you continue to take risks. Everything starts with one step. Afraid to post a video of you singing? Just record some that you like and wait til you get that gut inspiration that says F it! I’m gonna post this! And don’t erase it right away, allow others to see you and hear you. Whatever the case, my point is, there are so many ways to get yourself “out there”. There are recording musicians who never perform live or show their face. There are touring musicians who have no band and just an EP on the internet.

There are singers on Tiktok with no singles or albums and they sing for a 60 seconds post a day and have multiple millions of followers. There are independent musicians who make fully self produced albums on just an iPad. Me. Lol! Look at your resources and be the magician you are. God will give you what you need moving forward. You just gotta try. That’s all. Go at your pace. Do you thing. Listen to your gut when it comes to opportunities. And most times when you’re scared to share something, it’s when you REALLY need to share it. Show up as you are in everything you do. Imagine who you want to be as often as you can. And when you sing… sing like its life or death. Sing with everything in your soul. I promise you, be yourself and be part of the world AS YOURSELF and opportunity will show up. And when you’re feeling extra confident…go knock on some doors yourself! You never know! 

  • How do you want to help humanity move forward? Wow. I love this as a final question.”-LEX

Wow. I love this as a final question. It’s my wish and my prayer to continue doing all I can to remind those in the collective that may have forgotten, that it’s more than enough to be who they are. And proudly. And that healing is possible at any time. And that love is real and it’s so much more than a romantic kiss on a first date or a fairytale wedding. Love is the sun rising every day whether you go outside or not. Love is in everything. Every fruit fly. Every ant. Every letter. Every word. Every sip of water. Every bite of food. Every hair. Every song. Every smell. Every day. That life as a human can be immensely difficult but that choosing to stay and continue the path meant for you, even just the idea of staying one more day, can change everything. It’s been said many times in many different ways but, don’t choose to stop when it’s most difficult, because whatever situation you’re in will not last forever. I like to remind people that they are loved. That they are essential to this planet in this lifetime. I thank everyone and pray for everyone on this planet every day and night. I’d like everyone to know that when they feel like they have no one who cares. I do. It’s my hope that each any everyone in the collective makes a commitment to keep discovering who they are, and show up that way. Every day. No matter what that may look like. I accept all as they are. And I see potential in all. And I pray we continue to accept ourselves and see potential in ourselves. God bless. 

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