We had the pleasure of speaking with creative artist Deanna Aliano for our Zaftyg Magazine Feature for August 2022 about her artwork and living your best life at any stage in your life. Deanna opened up to Zaftyg Magazine about her creative process and when she abruptly decided to create a piece of artwork for her friend’s 50th birthday and another friend who was diagnosed with cancer, she was so intrigued and energized in her creative process that she hasn’t stopped painting since! Her Artwork is currently on Display at the Boca Raton Innovation Campus Exhibit through October 2022 and her next Artwork showing will be held on August 13th, 2022. For a good cause as she has donated two of her original artworks for the ‘Empty Walls’ – Coral Springs Art Museum fundraiser while supporting her local community the museum’s art programs for all ages. In this interview, we’ll deep dive into astrology in both her Tropical and Sidereal natal’s to better understand and follow her creative arts talent! Ready to take your astrological studies or career to the next level? Register now for Contemporary Approach to Astrology here. Deanna is also planning on doing a live art show on Facebook on August 3rd, 2022! Tune in!! 

All art should inspire and evoke emotion. Art should be something you can actually feel.”

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Image by Deanna Aliano

Let’s take a deep dive into astrology and pinpoint where the energy is with the stelliums of planets in both astrological systems which may hold the key to her creative ability. First, her North Node, or Rahu sits in her 5th house of creativity!

Let’s immediately note the moon in Deanna’s 10th house in both natal charts below. Regardless of the sign or degrees, as it changes from western astrology to Vedic, the moon in her 10th house has a heavy influence on life direction and represents mother and sometimes fame for a career.

Her rising is a Scorpio, sun in Libra in her 12th and Moon in Leo in her 10th in tropical which means Mars is the traditional ruler of her tropical chart.

In Vedic her rising moves back 23 degrees and is a Libra rising, Sun in scorpio and Moon in Cancer which mean her chart ruler is ruled by Venus. We know that Venus is responsible for the arts and beauty. This gives a bit of a different perspective, if I can’t figure out someone’s chart in tropical degrees, I always take a look at their Vedic chart to clarify. In the interview below, you will see Deanna’s answers as her mother has had an influenced on her creative abilities since childhood and she’s had to learn to let go and not control the outcome of a painting. I see this more clearly through her Vedic natal as there is a stronger influence in Virgo and the Moon is strong as it sits in its own sign of rulership of Cancer in her 10th house. And even more so because then there is also a stellium in Leo which rules over all creativity of the 5th house but sits in her 11th house of great gains and circle of friends. As you read more about her start in the arts through her friend who was diagnosed with cancer, you’ll understand the 11th house influence.

Traditionally in Vedic, we do not take into account the three outer planets after Saturn, with our Contemporary Approach to Astrology, we do like to note and take into consideration the psychological influences of Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto. Neptune also presides over the arts and is sitting on her Ascendant! And both Pluto and Uranus sit in her stelliums in either Libra in tropical or in Virgo in Sidereal. We say keep on keep on creating, you’re right where you’re supposed to be!


Without further ado, Deanna Aliano’s exclusive interview with Zaftyg Magazine!

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do:

I am Deanna Aliano and I’m 52 years old, I was born in Miami and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Instagram has opened up the entire world with so many different cultures. I have been enjoying interacting with people from all over the world. Last year I moved to Hillsboro Beach, FL and I live by the beach. This has become my favorite city. I never imagined that I would find something I enjoy so much and be able to make a career out of it. In April 2022 I became part of an art community called Zero Empty Spaces. Zero Empty Spaces coordinates affordable artist studios in vacant spaces around the country. At my new studio, I have begun to create and collaborate with other artists. This has given me so many new opportunities to be part of exhibits and to share my art in different venues.

As you know we love astrology – what are your sun, moon, and/or rising signs in either system?

I wish I knew all this info. I love astrology.  I’m a Libra sun. 

What is your favorite food? 

I’m Italian and I love all types of Italian food. I enjoy cooking a homemade meal or eating at one of my favorite family owned Italian restaurants. 

How did you get started in creativity?

All my life I have worked on craft projects with my mother.  We have done scrapbooking, made Christmas ornaments and any other project that she would come up with.  I really enjoyed being creative. I was also the person who painted the inside of all of my family’s homes. This could have been an early sign that I loved to paint. 

How did you get started painting?

I discovered 5 years ago that I love to paint. I had decided, at the last minute, to do a painting of a sloth for a good friend’s 50th birthday present. This is her favorite animal and I thought it would be the perfect gift.  That was the moment I learned that I loved painting. I have not stopped painting since this day. 

At what age did you realize that you were an artist?  

I was 47 years old and haven’t stopped! 

Who inspired you?         

I had no interest in art until I was 47 and I rarely would follow other artists.  Now that I’m an artist, I’m inspired by Jessica Hughes who has become a huge influence on my art career. She is an amazing artist and so generous with her knowledge. She believes in taking imperfect action and has created her business in a little under eighteen months. 
I also have a great respect for Wyanne Thompson and cancer survivor. She is incredibly talented and creates bold beautiful paintings. She has a speech impediment due to her illness, but that does not hold her back from making an impact on the world. She has taken something challenging and has overcome it with a positive attitude about life and so much gratitude. They both have taught me a great deal in the last year about growing my skills as an artists and my business. 


Whom do you hope to inspire?

My hope is to inspire artists that are afraid to take risks with their paintings or are experiencing fear in becoming professional artist. I believe that we can all create our dream jobs. 

Is your creativity/painting healing?

I feel it has been healing for me by creating an outlet for me to share my emotions.  I have had collectors tell me that my paintings make them feel happy.  This is my hope when I do each painting. I focus on placing positive energy into the painting so it can be brought into their home or office.  

What are your self-care routines and tips?

I love to work out and ride my spin bike. Exercise is such an important part of my life. I also make sure I am active almost every day. I live near the ocean and nature is a huge stress reliever for me and I journal almost every morning. 

I care for my mother and this can take a great deal of my energy.  Painting as often as I can keeps me centered and peaceful. It was life changing when I became an artist.  
I have found that when you care for another person, one of the most important things to remember is make time for yourself.  

Will you have your art at an art gallery/display soon?

My work is presently hanging in the Boca Raton Innovation Campus Exhibit. It’s running until October 2022. I recently donated two of my paintings to help support a fundraiser for a local Museum. Empty walls-Coral Springs museum of art. This fundraiser will be held on August 13, 2022.  I feel so passionate about supporting the art programs in my community. 

Deana Aliano

What is your love language?

Quality time and words of affirmation.  It’s so important for me to have open communication and it’s something I require in my relationships.  

Tell us about your career goals as an artist

I am working on growing my art business and continuing to grow my online presence on social media. This can be a challenge with all the changes happening but I’m learning to just have fun with it and enjoy all the people that I have been interacting with.

What are you currently working on?

I am always working my skills as a painter. Whether it’s a new abstract or a landscape painting.  I am currently working on a commission of a painting of two cats for one of my collectors. 

I’m also planning on doing a live art show on Facebook on August 3rd, 2022! Tune in!! 

At the end of the year I will be creating a tutorial on how to paint my Red Tree painting.  My goal is to continue to grow as an artist and grow my art business.  

Do you have other hobbies that you find time to fit in outside of art and painting?

I really enjoy working out. I like weight training and riding my spin bike. I’m happiest when I’m surrounded by nature.  I go for long walks and for bike rides by the ocean. I moved by the ocean last year so I get to see the most magnificent sunrises. 

Would you like to share your social/website links?

Deanna Aliano♦️Abstract Art (@artbydeannaaliano) • Instagram …

Facebook Page click here!


What are your goals/dreams for the future? 

I dream of growing as an artist and sharing all that I have learned with other artists. I hope to use my art journey to motivate and inspire artists just starting out with their businesses. 

What is a typical work week look like for you? 

My first priority is my Mother’s care. I see her six days a week.  
I spend three-four days in my art studio at Zero Empty Spaces. My mother comes along with me and works on her own projects. 
I love being in the studio and interacting with the other artists.  Prior to me moving into this studio I was painting in my kitchen on a storage cabinet. There wasn’t a lot of space to work. I’m so grateful to be part of this art community and have a larger space to paint. 

Who/what has influenced you?

Nature is one of my biggest influences.  I find that all the colors of trees, flowers, the ocean, and the sky can inspire a painting.  The feeling I get when I connect to nature is really all I need.

Do you have any tips for others that have similar aspirations?  

It’s important to always keep growing as an artist. Each painting is another opportunity to learn something new and grow.

Art is such a visual product, and if it’s being marketed properly, anyone can build a following and connect with collectors. Take the risk and share your art with the world!  

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t be a perfectionist.  I know I can paint over a painting and I don’t get attached to the outcome. Nothing is ever ruined and it’s all part of the process, there are no wrong decisions. 

The most difficult part of my writing process is keeping my children’s stories from being so wordy. I just have so much to say! Once the pencil starts moving, I can’t stop writing. My bullying book is a seventeen minute read. That may be a bit wordy, but I got my point across within the story.
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