Welcome to March, star lovers. In this article, Zaftyg shares with you the forecasts for each moon sign.

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Aries Moon

This March, for Aries there is a lot of movement in your sign! This means you can expect this month to be quite a busy one. On the 14th, the Sun quintiles your ruling planet Mars. This will boost your energy and have you feeling unstoppable. Then Venus joins in on the 18th, heating things up in your romance sector.

Taurus Moon

Taurus, recently something has been worrying you and keeping you held down. On the 21st, Mercury is in sextile with Uranus which is a very positive aspect for you. This period will be one of enhanced communication which will enable you to break through whatever struggle has been holding you back!

Gemini Moon

This March, Mars dominates your sign Gemini. You’ll find that your emotions are more explosive, and your actions are a lot more impulsive. This month is going to be a very intense period, so be prepared for a lot of energy to enter your life. Direct this energy properly and it will propel you far into success!

Cancer Moon

For you Cancer, this March is all about inner transformations. With Pluto quintile with Chiron on the 23rd, you’ll feel a healing energy surround you this month. Now is the best time to patch up old wounds and move forwards with renewed spirits. Remember to reach out to others when needed.

Leo Moon

This March Leo is all about finding your inner drive. On the 13th, Venus conjuncts with Neptune. Neptune is the planet of dreams and Venus makes you see the world through rose-colored glasses. This combination pushes you to strive towards your goals and connect with your inner desires.

Virgo Moon

On the 23rd, your ruling planet Mercury is in semi-sextile with responsible Saturn. This means your career is bound to get a little boost during this period. Use Mercury’s influence over communication to help earn you that promotion or secure that interview for a better job!

Libra Moon

With a full moon in your very own sign on the 28th, this month Libra you’re being called to focus on yourself. Allow yourself time this March for some grooming and pampering. With how chaotic your life has been, it’s important to slow down and enjoy some peace. Balance is more important than ever now.

Scorpio Moon

This March starts off with Venus semi-square with your ruling planet Pluto on 6th. This aspect can bring tension into your relationships, both personal and professional. However, Mercury swiftly moves into a positive alignment with Pluto on the 12th. This allows hardship to be overcome through effective communication.

Sagittarius Moon

For you Sagittarius, March starts off on a very good foot with the Sun semi-sextile with your ruling planet Jupiter on the 8th. This boosts your natural luck and makes your world seem brighter. During this month, abundance comes naturally to you. Many opportunities are headed your way, so keep your mind open!

Capricorn Moon

This March will be an introspective period for you Capricorn. Now more than ever, you need time to yourself. It’s the only way to differentiate what you want from what you feel is expected. On the 3rd, Venus is in semi-sextile with healing Chiron. This emphasises the importance of self-care and keeping balanced.

Aquarius Moon

Early on this month, both Mercury and Aquarius are in your sign Aquarius. They conjunct on the 4th, which is a highly positive aspect bringing you luck and harmony. This month, you’ll find that the people around you are more generous and open to discussion. Any tensions from recent events will quickly fade away.

Pisces Moon

This March, there is a lot of movement in your sign Pisces! On the 13th, there is a brilliant new moon in your sign. This opens up your emotions and boosts your ability to connect with others. The theme of connection continues 2 days later when Mercury also enters your sign. This month you will be a huge social butterfly! 

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