Libra rising functional benefits and malefics in Vedic Astrology, Libra is the natural 7th sign and house in Vedic Astrology. Libra is ruled by the Planet Venus and this sign includes the nakshatra of Chitra, Vishaka, and Swati by ruling the natural 7th sign it always indicates the sign of a relationship, business, love, and comfort zone. Welcome back to our series on the planets which can be positive or negative depending on your Sidereal rising signs. Take your astrological journey to the next level and Register Today Contemporary Approach to Astrology on Udemy! Get access to announcements, predictions, and updates that are only available through our course!

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Let’s continue! Libra being an air sign this person is always like a social butterfly and also this sign is ruled by Venus so these people are highly romantic and highly creative and they are very much experts in judging people’s character. They knew how to make deals in business and how to make a balanced relationship around them and are very charming in look and attractive in a speech they usually get along with people who are fire sign and air signs in Vedic astrology, so here we going to discuss the functional benefic and malefic of libra signs.

Functional benefic of the Libra sign

Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and Rahu are considered as the functional benefic for the Libra sign and Libra risings. So if we take Venus which for a Libra Ascendant, rules the 1st house and also the 8th house. So it indicates this person always faces transformation in their life. But that will be a good transformation or bad transformation depending upon the dasa they’re facing. Also, they always make long-distance journeys, chances of settling abroad. 

Libra Vedic Ascendants are very good experts in sharing and stocks but this Venus is always Venus very powerful in the 1st house of libra compared to the 8th house of Taurus. So if we take Mercury which rules the  9th and 12th houses for Libra ascendants in Vedic, it shows their father will be highly knowledgable and business oriented. And high chances for them to go for studies abroad and chances to work in software companies abroad. If we take Saturn it rules the 4th and 5th house which indicates this person always loves to learn higher knowledgeable things and also they are very mature from childhood ages and also they will get a mother who will be very disciplined and strict and practical and also they also used to be very strict and discipline with the children too and they get properties and cars which will be more luxurious and western style Rahu is always yoga karaka for this rising if its falls Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn and also it need not have any malefic influence of Saturn or Mars to give positive to effect to the sign of Libra.


Functional malefic of Libra

The Sun, Moon, Mars Jupiter, and Ketu are considered as the functional malefic of a Libra rising in Vedic Astrology. Why? If we take The Sun which rules the 11th house for Libras, they always get elder siblings who will be highly authoritative. Even though their network circle is highly influential people, they can’t able to get proper support from them because of frequent ego clashes from older siblings or network circles. 

And if we talk about the Moon for Libra ascendants, it rules the 10th house, so they always get a career related to creativity. But they always being fluctuations in careers like frequent ups and downs for sure. 

They will get a mother-in-law who will be highly emotional and care for them like a mother in their life, and also if we take Mars which rules the 7th and 2nd houses for a Libra ascendant, so they will get a spouse who will be more passionate, energetic, masculinity and impulsive actions. 

Also, frequent fights may happen in life, and also it indicates this person will be more straightforward because Mars rules the 2nd house, so they always are careful or should be cautious in words for sure. 

But if we take Jupiter which rules the 3rd house and which is highly malefic for libra because its lord Venus vs. Jupiter is opposite in nature so Jupiter always brings malefic effect to Libra rising natives during their dasa. And they get elder siblings who will be very generous and broad-minded and highly spiritual person some times they need to face diseases related to fats and obesity so if we talk about Ketu it considers negative but depends upon the sign it placed and the conjunction and aspect it good things but one thing has to remember is Ketu don’t need to have any malefic influence of Mars to give good results to Libra risings in Vedic Astrology for sure.

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