Leo Rising: Functional Benefics and Malefics by Maniyan Annadurai for Zaftyg Magazine 

Welcome back our loyal readers, students of life and of astrology. Zaftyg is a safe space for everyone. We’re going to continue our 12-part series about the good planets and the bad planets for each Ascendant, and I’m talking about your Sidereal rising sign not your Tropical rising. Leo the natural 5th sign in Vedic astrology and the sign of confidence and power and attractiveness, and creativity. The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun, so it is like the Sun represents leader and authority and straightforward and egoistic and loyal, so these people have these qualities at the same time they can easily go for the leadership position in life. And are naturally born authoritative people in life; it just comes to them like the flow is a vibe. They always fall for people who attract and appreciate their charm and love. The nakshatra of Magha, Purvaphalguni, and Uttaraphalguni are the three natural nakshatras in Leo. Magha rules the throne, the nakshatra of the kingdom, and the nakshatra of Purvaphalguni, is the nakshatra of a healer and attractive, and Uttaraphalguni, the nakshatra of authoritative and bold and brave, so these nakshatras are come under the Leo energy in Vedic astrology.

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Eclipses Recap of 2022:

  • Solar eclipse on April 30th, 16:18 degrees in Aries
  • Lunar eclipse on May 15th, 1:08 degree in Scorpio
  • Solar (Partial) eclipse on Oct 25th, 7:49 degrees in Libra
  • Lunar eclipse on Nov 8th, 21:50 degrees in Aries

Functional Benefic of the sign of Leo

The Sun, moon, mars, jupiter, and ketu come under the functional inflence of benefic of a Leo rising. The Sun which rules the first house and sign so it indicates the natural ruler of sign so it always give benefic for the people of leo rising at the same time on the sun dasha they can get fame through father or get help from father at the  same time the help and success through govt authority and bussiness through electricity are comes under sun dasha for sure..the moon rules the natural 12th so it indicates the long distance journey at the same time it indicates the  benefic through mother and bussiness related to juice shops and milk and water can be comes through in this dasha ..the mars which rules natural 4th and 9th so it gives the growth through construction and real estates and naturally it brings property and gain  through real estates and father on this dasha..at the same time on this dasha it gives success through fire related jobs like chefs and boiler related planets for sure..the kethu which always need to be good for leo rising when it have influence of jupiter like conjuct or aspect by jupiter on its dasa for sure..


Functional malefic of leo rising

Saturn, Venus and Rahu are considered as natural malefic for the Leo rising natives. Saturn which rules 6th and 7th houses, so Saturn and the Sun are considered as biggest malefic in Vedic astrology. But at the same time Saturn rules over the Leo’s 7th house of partnerships, so this can indicate that the partner will be highly mature, submissive, disciplined and restricted in their life. And at the same time it rules the natural 6th house, so it gives disease and debts to that person in that respective dasha for sure. Venus rules 3rd and 10th house for Leo ascendants, but comparing to Saturn the Venus doesn’t give that much malefic in its dasha. At the same time it gives natural creative flows, such as fashion and design related jobs in they charts. Rahu is natural malefic for Sun, so this planet is a sign of darkness but, it can give good or bad results depends the benefic and malefic conjunctions and influence in chart including which Dasa and antardasha one is running.

Neutral planet

Mercury is considered as good friend of The Sun, Mercury is the Prince to the King of the Sun. But if conjunct with Sun (Combust) or conjunct with Venus or Jupiter, it gives the best result on its Dasha and Mercury gives growth related to marketing communication and software for sure. Mercury rules over the 2nd and 11th houses for the Leo Ascendant in Vedic Astrology, in the chart it gives natural growth of the network circle in they dasha.  Have question about your chart? Book your reading with me above “Jyotish Reading”. Namaste.

Scorpios, they can always feel emotional balance when they move abroad or travel long distances, also they will get a Guru (teacher or guide) who will teach them and guide them about morals through emotional values. 
Libra is ruled by the Planet Venus and this sign includes the nakshatra of Chitra, Vishaka, and Swati by ruling the natural 7th sign it always indicates the sign of a relationship, business, love, and comfort zone.
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