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This video is presented to you by for Earth Day, it is intended for those willing or interested in learning more about astrology, how to understand what you’re looking at and then to be able to apply it to your life in a practical way. We hope you all enjoy May 2021 Western Astrological Forecast, find where these planets fall in your natal chart and better prepare for what’s ahead in your own life. To learn more about Zaftyg Magazine and where we are headed visit If you like, you can take into consideration Vedic Astrology May 2021 on any given day and simply count back about 24 degrees and that will be the planetary positions in Sidereal astrology. For free birth chart calculations, I recommend for Western Astrology and for Vedic Astrology. Feel free to save this Astrology May 2021 video and pause it on each day that you need, to better understand the entire concept.

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About Astrology

Astrology has been regarded as a different thing to different persons. Certain individuals view it as the future’s prediction while some see astrology as the guide to daily life encounter. Regardless of the situation, this is considered as the observable fact providing insights to a realm of life through a more unique and more creative level. It gives a good understanding of the people’s existence in this world! Astrology May 2021 forecast should be able to guide you.

The meanings and symbols in Astrology define the entire energetic abilities of a person to succeed and thrive. This is actually diverse when it comes to its magnitude in order to give information and inspiration to the followers. It does not necessarily mean that a person should be observant in religious matters just to realize the essence of Astrology. In fact, there are various ways where people can use it in their lives.

The very first step in doing so is by learning about the basic signs of sign. It is the month that they were born which can give the overview of their dislikes, likes, and the whole personality. 


Astrology may be perceived in various lenses. The planets that continue to revolve around play an important role in the influence of Astrology. The Astrological mystery and beauty can be a proof that this is in a constant motion. 

Basically, Astrology is composed of horoscope signs, the 12 zodiac signs. Each represents the months of a calendar year. They are portraying the definite symbol of each individual personality. 

These horoscopes give the unique outlet to individual desires. They represent clarity, appeal and opportunity to the lives of the people. In addition, they are generating the awareness level of a person on a spiritual level. 


Astrology can also teach the ways to enhance and develop one to be a happy and contented individual. It also recommends the kind of careers and jobs that can encourage development and growth as a person. 

This can be a simple or complicated topic to be understood depending on the way an individual take it. Thus, the most essential thing here is to be informed of the knowledge opportunity variance in the Astrological commonality sphere. 

This is actually everlasting and there are no finite answers for some things. In contrary, Astrology basics have been the daily facts that can be learned as a brand new thing. This is the highly skilled practice which does not lose knowledge. The knowledge may become a power when a person gets fully committed. 


The astrological concepts make many people in the world interested and curious on how they really work on their lives. The basic knowledge about astrology can give a significant change in how a person views life and his daily encounters. 

To get started, take note of the given collection of details below and be guided all the way.

About the Author: Heather E. Rodriguez-Udy is a Research Astrologer who started studying astrology at the age of 13 in 1995 (possibly even younger around 10) and intuitively knew she was a strong Libra, though in Western Astrology her sun sign is a cancer. The author has a stellium in Libra in the first house in Western Astrology. In Vedic her both her Moon and Jupiter are in Libra, and if we count Pluto is there too.  She went on to learn and be guided by Indian teachers and astrologers later in life after researching health conditions related to Vedic Astrology to exactly pinpoint when she was diagnosed with cancer. The Author’s Astrology Research spans over 25+ years, particularly interested in health such as cancer, mental illness and generation planetary energy within family generations. The Author’s approach to Astrology, having Uranus in the 3rd house is to have an objective view of what the planets and signs are. The Author uses techniques developed from Vedic (Sidereal) Astrology Nadi’s branch and combines some Western Astrology in certain cases using the outer planets, as they are not typical or traditionally used in Vedic teachings. With Vedic Astrology the Author was able to understand when she would meet and marry her husband while on a Venus line related to AstroCartography. We can certainly predict cycles within cycles, but we cannot predict human free will. This has been Astrology May 2021 forecast self learning video by Zaftyg.

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