It takes years to master astrology and is complex, but yet once you get the hang of it, astrology is quite simple. After you see enough charts wit the same Ascendant and enough of the same planets in similar house. And for this article’s example we will take a look at Britney Spear’s natal chart. Because, I’ve been following her chart since the late 1990’s. It is one of the axis I know very well. We’re going to take you through how to understand certain parts of any natal chart. That’s right any type, birth of a city, birth of an idea, forming of a company, stock natal chart and of course just a regular old birth chart reading. These techniques I’ve developed over the span of more than 25 years of research through different astrological systems. So, my approach is a bit unorthodoxed, but this is astrology that we are speaking about. I’m writing these articles for our readers that want to understand how to read natal charts and use it in their personal life or like myself, to use it for auspicious business days. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for free astrological ephemeris! Plus, a live video of Britney’s natal chart!

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Britney’s Natal Chart

Step 1. Ensure that you have the correct date of birth, correct time and location. If you don’t have this, we can do a birth rectification. It’s a lengthy process, so for the next article dolls!

Step 2. Use your own software or use any free website out there (I highly recommend and gives your weekly transits for free, I think up for 7 days(don’t quote me on that!).

Step 3. Assess the western natal chart (our example today is Britney Spears)

Step 4. Let’s First assess the starting point of her entire Zodiac. Her Ascendant is in Libra. This house (house 1) is ruled by Mars, but is expressing itself as a Libra. But, where is her Mars? Located in the 12th house (of Pisces) but expressing itself has a Virgo. And what degree is Mars at? It is at 23(Degree of Aquarius) degrees but it could be rounded up to 24 degrees (the degree of Pisces in pisces own house the 12th). It depends how you look at it. And Mars is also the karaka in Vedic Astrology for siblings. This indicates siblings are aware of family secrets.

Step 5. What degree is Britney’s Ascendant at? 2 degrees (the degree of Taurus+2nd house). A combination for money making through her Ascendant in Libra that trines Neptune and Uranus in her 3rd house (ruled by Gemini) but expressing itself has Sagittarius. We’ll come back to the 3rd house later.

Step 6. Are there any other planets in the first house? Why because this gives a lot of personal power. Yes, Saturn at 19 degrees (the degree of Libra itself) and Saturn is the karaka for father and authority and the 10th house of career. Pluto is also there which is intense at 25 degrees (the degree of Aries itself in the first house!) but expressing itself of course as a libra.

Step 7. Jupiter at 1 degree and a critical degree at that in her second house of earnings, close family relatives, money earned and security expressing itself as Scorpio. Excellent indicator of large sums of money came her way through a artistic musical (libra) career (10th-Saturn).

Step 8. Uranus at 0 degrees is a critical degree and intense, an unusual way of communicating or out of the ordinary in the fire sign of Sagittarius (ruler of the 9th house). She also has her natal Mercury in the 3rd house at 5 degrees (the degree of the 5th house, creativity, children, speculation, romances, etc). And of course more indicators of her father, the sun is here also at 10 degrees (the degree of Saturn and the 10th house of career and father). Makes sense what we see in the media now? But back in the late 1999’s? Next is Neptune(illusion, film, tv, Hollywood, Los Angeles, etc), that a lot of actors and musical artist have (Ascendant in Libra trining Neptune) and Neptune is at 24 degrees (again the degree of pisces and ruler of the 12 house) indicating secrets as to why her family (or father) pushed her into a career. Sounds a bit like Michael Jackson’s life.

Step 9. We’ve assessed the first house, the second, the third and now onto the 4th house where she has Venus (venus rules mega ultra rich) and for some people with Venus in the 4th (Oprah in Vedic) this can give an opulent lifestyle. But, Venus is at the degree of aries at 25 degrees, which again the ruler of the 1st house, sitting in the 12th house of Pisces (secrets). And at this time Pluto is slowly transiting the last few degrees while in Capricorn in Western for Britney and of course has triggered her natal Venus right now.

Step 10. Let’s keep on moving to assess the natal planets, her moon (which rules the 4th house and mother, and family and fame) is at 12 degrees (again the degree of Pisces and the 12th house).

Step 11. Her Midheaven (MC) the height and peak of her life is in her 10th house at 2 degrees a critical degree and of course the degree of Taurus (ruler of the 2nd house of money earned). She happens to also have her North Node here, in Vedic it is Rahu and considered malefic. None the less, this is her destiny. No doubt about it.

Step 12. My steps are not always the same but I do follow the above a lot. But when we really want to predict the future years outcome, you must take a look at the eclipse for that year. So, let’s talk about the eclipse for 2021! We just passed eclipse season in May and early June! A lunar eclipse occurred in her 9th house (publication, higher knowledge, spirituality, ruled traditionally by Jupiter (in her 2nd house ;-0 ) and in Vedic it is also the house of father, the 10th is the house of the father’s career and public standing. The Solar eclipse occurred directly across in the 3rd house (ruled by gemini) and her natal mercury is where? Yep! In her 3rd house at 5 degrees (Leo, 5th house, romance, creativity, etc). The effects of eclipses are felt for up to 6 months or so. The next eclipse for 2021 November 27th, 2021 in no less than in Taurus at 27 degrees and is a partial lunar eclipse (her 8th house, taxes, inheritance, death) and Uranus, it’s been moving back in forth around 13-14 degrees, is currently transiting there slowly until 2026. 27 degrees is excellent and is ruled by none other than Gemini. Where is gemini in Britney’s chart? In her 9th house where an eclipse occurred earlier in 2021. And the next will eclipse will occur December 4th, 2021 at 12 degrees Sagittarius (the degree of pisces and 12th house where mars (siblings) is sitting again occurring in her 3rd house. Let the women speak! That means she would have by the end of this year had two eclipses in her 3rd house, one in her 9th and one in her 8th houses. See what I see? Eclipses 2021

How to prepare for your ritual for the next eclipse season? As simple as lighting a white candle. Now find where Tauru and Sagittarius are in your chart. What houses for you? That is where the eclipse will affect for 6 months.

Eclipses 2021 – How to prepare for your ritual for the next eclipse season? As simple as lighting a white candle. Now find where Tauru and Sagittarius are in your chart. What houses for you? That is where the eclipse will affect for 6 months.

Step 13. If I see reason to keep going in someone chart, I keep going. Let’s move on to that North Node. Rahu in vedic in her 10th house and Ketu in her 4th house. I have this and have been studying this axis for over two decades. What I’ve learned in Sidereal astrology is that Jupiter, yes, traditionally rules Sagittarius and the 9th house and Pisces the 12 house. But, that would mean her Ascendant changes to Virgo in Vedic and the chart is a bit different. Let me continue with Jupiter, I’ve learned that where Rahu (North Node) is placed there is an eclipse and the house is eclipsed or shadowed. For someone with his in her 10th house, this means that after three (3) Jupiter 12 year cycles, yes, after 36, rules Rahu and Ketu and always has but this is when it becomes beneficial. In addition Rahu in the 10th house gives more success to those Ascendants with Saturn sitting in the first house after the age of 42.

I base this off of the Degree Theory by the Late Nikola Stojanovic, may he rest in peace. Such a brilliant astrologer and he left us with the gift of knowledge.

Degree theory

5, 17, 27 these were considered to be the most auspicious degrees.

1 – Aries

2 – Taurus

3 – Gemini 

4 – Cancer

5 – Leo *

6 – Virgo

7 – Libra

8 – Scorpio 

9 – Sagittarius 

10 – Capricorn

11 – Aquarius

12 – Pisces

13 – Aries

14 – Taurus

15 – Gemini

16 – Cancer 

17 – Leo *

18 – Virgo **

19 – Libra

20 – Scorpio

21 – Sagittarius 

22 – Capricorn **

23 – Aquarius

24 – Pisces

25 – Aries

26 – Taurus

27 – Gemini

28 – Cancer

29 – Leo 

And so on for the numerology lovers, every number has a meaning astrologically.

Conclusion!? Hold on Britney, the universe is on your side! Keep the faith and it will all work out better than you imaged for this situation. Always take into consideration where the planets are currently to understand if a transit planet has across over a natal planet which obviously triggers energy and creates aspects. This is what I mean, some people have aspects right from birth indicating fame and some have less obvious aspects that indicate fame or money with a transit. This is long and complex but is doable. Let’s not forget the wisdom of Saturn and free will, we make our life.

I am personally looking forward to getting older and enjoying what Rahu and Saturn bring later in life. Until the next time! Comment below and let us know who’s chart you’d like for us to write about!

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