How do you analyze the Stock market with astrology, you ask? Here are some relevant astrological financial aspects. So, normally when you’re trading on the Stockmarket on a short term basis, you want to sell around the full moon dates. In this article we at Zaftyg share an innovative way to look at astrology beyond personality traits. We hope you learn that there are many ways to put astrology to good use to improve your life. Previously living in conservative states where I am from such as Arkansas and Texas, culturally it wasn’t accepted to discuss these types of things. However, I have heavy placements of Venus and Mercury that lead to foreign lands and friendships and immersing myself into other cultures. Listening leads to understanding which then leads to compassion. The great thing about Los Angeles, even during a global pandemic, is that you are free to be as creative as you like here. And as Einstein said, education will only take you so far but imagination will take you everywhere.

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Looking for a free natal chart? I recommend for Western (Tropical) Astrology and for Sidereal (Vedic) Astrology natal charts and more specifically for Dosha, Vimshottari Mahadasha Phal. You must take into consideration your current dosha and whether it is malefic, benefit or neutral for a clearer predictions.

Maha Dasha is called after the Great period in a person’s life. A particular stretch of time in an individual’s lifespan is ruled by a particular planet. This time period is known as the Vimshottari Mahadasha of that planet. A particular sequence of planets is followed for their Mahadashas.”

The full moon in Vedic is on a weekend and the stock market is closed. It’s the 27th in Leo. Note in Western it’s occurring in Virgo which rules health – please take a look at the lunar cycles for 2021. For this time frame the Leo Moon will be in Nakshatra Magha to Purvaphalguni until around 1:28pm according to Astrology & Us.

The image below indicates where the peaks are every month during or around the full moon with the collective emotional state and the Stockmarket. Food for thought, if the moon rules the tides of the ocean, how can the moon not have an effect on the 70%-90% water that our bodies are made of? I hope you believe (Pisces) in science, because that is all Astrology is no matter which system you work with. A very valid point of why you should have a healthy relationship with money. I look forward to sharing the knowledge I’ve gained in my life time, and perhaps we can put it to good use. I share that Jupiter is located in my 2nd house in both Western and Vedic astrology, with a heavy influence with Venus and Mercury, thus my lifetime research in certain astrological fields. I’m looking forward to Saturn finally giving late, but never denying.


`The stimulus package has not actually been confirmed yet, and I read an article that Democrats are pushing for this to get done by March 14, 2021. Remember Rahu/Ketu are currently in Taurus/Scorpio and move into Aries/Libra March 15, 2022. Another financial indicator as Ketu is always opposite Rahu, is the fact that it is currently transiting an auspicious placement for it. When Jupiter moves into Aquarius around April 5th, the prediction is the Stockmarket drops and gas prices will shoot up. And the New Moon in Aquarius with Neptune (Neo Vedic Approach) and Neptune rules oil but also illusions, things will be triggered. March 16th, Venus also moves into Pisces and the Sun is there for most of March. March 22 Mars will Trine Saturn in Capricorn and this deals with money, finances, government and the necessary changes needed to make the world a better place for the people. March 25 Venus will be conjunction the Sun and this is auspicious, yoga Kissimee. And this is an excellent day for making business decisions! Watch how some things explode around this time in the financial market. Note there is a full moon in the Nakshatra of Hasta in Virgo March 28 and is ruled by the moon. Health and healing is coming and pay attention to news about COVID19. March 31st Mercury will moved into the last degrees Pisces, its depilated so note this. Here is a recommended meditation video to help you ground your own planetary energy so that you may make intuitive and wise decisions in your favor.

And hey, while we’re at it discussing money and astrology, some astrologers are indicating sudden wealth for some during these financial peaks. If the Covid19 stimulus package is passed and it includes the $15 an hour minimum wage, the Stockmarket is about to peak. We’ll have to wait and see, as Republicans have their own $10 minimum wage bill and their own agenda. Current minimum wage in the U.S. is $7.25 and waiters earn less at just $2.13 an hour. In my lifetime, the minimum wage has only gone up twice! And then it is only logical to explore the possibilities of the peak Bull Market for 2021 compared to other cycles of when Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Capricorn.

This is that “Millionaire Conjunction” a lot of astrologers are discussing that formed at Saturn & Jupiter conjunct November 20, 2020 in Sidereal Astrology! In western astrology this occurred December 21, 2020. On Sunday February 28th, the moon in Vedic and is also with the Sun ruled by Nakshatra Uttara Phalguni, a deity amity and the Sun deity. This forms two very auspicious Yogas Sarvarth siddhi and another special combo Tithi, Dwitya after 11:19 am and then in the Nakshatras Tripushkar Yoga. This is said to benefit the native 3x times the good that you do. The best day to buy a lotto ticket is Thursday as it is ruled by Jupiter. And the second hour of Sunrise of each day is ruled by Jupiter. But if you get a hint or the wind of intuition tells you to buy that ticket on Sunday, do that! Good Luck!

However, be aware of inflation and how that will directly impact the economy. I highly recommend Paul Krugman’s Master Class on Economics for a wider understanding globally. If you’re a financial analyst, you’re in the right place!

“Nevertheless, a nicely placed Ketu at Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces will be economically beneficial to the native. Ketu associated with or associated with the owner of the 5th or the ninth house here will confer long life and prosperity to the native in its own sub or major periods.”

My suggestion or prediction is to wait for the Covid19 stimulus package to be approved and passed by U.S. Congress. As soon as it does there will be a high peak in the stock market and it’s time to sell.

But after April 13th, 2021 this should start to go down, because Mars is in Taurus from February 22-April 13th. Just in time and right around the corner from the IRS and U.S. Tax deadlines! Plus, Jupiter is getting ready to station in Aquarius May 13th I believe, through June and July before it moves into Aquarius. Again, this portion is based on Sidereal (Vedic) Astrology. Historically, in the last 140 years, this has had an economical depression or recession of sorts. Again planets are the strongest when stationary or retrograde, and Jupiter will be retrograde in Aquarius this summer 2021. Now, Jupiter will move back into Capricorn along with Saturn for a brief two month transit in September and October and this can indicate a peak of the stock market briefly. Invest when the Stockmarket drops around April, this possibly could pay out for some with financial peaks in the fall. But before we move on I need to point out that the Jupiter Saturn conjunction is aspecting Libra in 2021, so where is Libra in your chart? See image below.

Rahu transits in 2021-2022 Rahu in Mrigasira (1st and 2nd quarters) until 19:09 IST, 13 February 2021. From there in Rohini nakshatra until 11:15 IST, 20 September 2021.
Later in Krittika (2,3,4 quarters) till 19:15 IST, 17 March 2022.

Ketu transits in 2021-2022 Ketu in Jyeshta nakshtra until 22:54 IST, 13 June 2021.
From there in Anuradha nakshatra until 00:37 IST, 15 February 2022. Later in Visakha (4th quarter) till 19:51 IST, 17 March 2022.


Jupiter transits 2021 will move into Aquarius April 5th/6th through September 15th, 2021. The last time this occurred was around 2008-2009. And soon after there was a peak, a recession and oil and gas prices skyrocketed. But oil stocks also hold steady when there is war. Mars will be transiting in Taurus in the nakshatras of Kritika, Rohini and Mirgraisa, and the U.S. just launched an attack against Iran-Backed militia in Syria.

Currently Rahu is aspecting Jupiter in Capricorn (Saturn is there also similar 1960’s) until April 5th or 6th depending on where you’re at in the world.

“The placement of Jupiter in Aquarius brings expansion to the significations of the given zodiac sign such as networkscommunities, and societies as per sidereal Vedic astrology. With the expansive effect of Jupiter, people with this combination are naturally talented in creating communities and manage complex network systems.”

“Superior conjunction (when Jupiter passes behind the Sun as seen from the Earth) takes place on December 27th 2019, January 29th 2021 and March 5th 2022. The planet is not visible from Earth for about two weeks on either side of these dates.”

Jupiter stations around May 13th, June and July 2021 and planets are the strongest when stationed or retrograde. Here’s hoping that everyone is prepared for the challenges ahead, lead when needed and be full of love and compassion towards your neighbor, as some will turn rags to riches and others will have a come to Jesus conversation. Either you align yourself or the universe will do it for you. So, if you have 5th house transits or planets there, this is an excellent time for you in terms of speculations especially with a Virgo Ascendant in Vedic Astrology.

For cannabis stocks, I’ve got a list and two of the stocks I own have just merged with 4 companies becoming the largest cannabis company in the world now, ACB, TLRY, CGC and APHA.

“Tilray’s gains also lifted the shares of its pending merger partner, Aphria (NASDAQ:APHA). In December the two firms announced a Canadian cannabis tie-up that would create the biggest marijuana company by revenue.”

Here are my personal choices for cannabis stocks, and this will be legalized I’m predicting around August 1, 2022 as it’s when Mars transits Uranus again in Taurus (earth) and will affect some of my personal favorites: APHA, DPWW, KSHB, MMNFF, MRMD and FAMI. Fami is a Chinese based company FYI, you’ll need to do some research on China’s astrological transits. We can expect innovation (Uranus) in using psychedelics in medicinal form for mental health, and legalizing cannabis on a federal level will be beneficial to our economy as Canada has legalized this and Mexico has done so in 2020.

Mexico’s Senate approved the decriminalization of marijuana. That measure allowed individuals to grow four plants at home and to possess up to 28 grams (one ounce) of cannabis. It also gave permission for the government to proceed with cannabis licensing and sales, while creating a legal regulatory framework.”

Speaking of Uranus, Bitcoin is considered by renowned Vedic Astrologer Joni Patry to be the future and I agree. For those wanting to risk a bit less than cryptocurrency, there is a trust that you can buy and sell on the New York Stock exchange, named the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, which owns a large amount of Bitcoin. So you’re not actually trading bitcoin. GTBP own a large stake in Bitcoin and you day trade around the trust on the Stockmarket Monday-Friday. “According to, a site that tracks Bitcoin holdings for publicly traded investment trusts and firms, GBTC holds 572,644 Bitcoin, or approximately 50% of the 1,150,622 Bitcoin in circulation at these ventures.” I’ve been analzying this particular stock for the last few years since it started trading it’s initial IPO. And the last couple of years I’ve seen it as low as $3, as high as $56 and as of Friday when we published this article around $45.

Psychedelics will be legalized to some extent in the near future for medical purposes (Uranus). And cannabis legalized for recreational use on a federal level to boost the economical downfall that is about to occur. My recommendation is to invest wisely around April 5th or 6th, 2021 depending on where you are in the world, as this is when Mars begins to move away from its conjunction with Rahu in Taurus.

Best of luck to everyone!

If this article has helped you in any way or you become a billionaire overnight, let us know in the comments below! Or we invite you to invest into Zaftyg as a silent partner! Wink!

Author: Heather E. Rodriguez-Udy with 25+ of Astrological Research and Study and the founder of Zaftyg LLC. Heather began studying astrology in her early childhood during a Rahu dosha, Rahu also rules astrology.

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