Nestled into Sweden’s rustic, beautiful west coast lies the city of Gothenburg. Often overshadowed by the elegant, cosmopolitan capital of Stockholm, Gothenburg is smaller, calmer, and arguably more charming. With its world-famous pastries, powder-blue trams, and winding canals, Gothenburg makes an ideal city break destination. Here are 5 reasons why this beautiful, compact city should be next on your bucket list.

1. ‘Fika’

This Swedish concept of taking time to enjoy a coffee with friends is particularly important in Gothenburg, where ornate, old-fashioned coffee houses can be found at every corner. Go to Café Husaren, and make sure to order a delicious hagabulle cinnamon bun.

2. Haga

Possibly the most well-known neighbourhood in Gothenburg, Haga is a small warren of streets and houses located just south of the city centre. Famous for its pastel pink colour palette and huge range of boutiques and cafes, no trip to the city is complete without spending a morning exploring Haga.

3. Gothenburg’s Nature

Sweden is renowned for its dramatic landscapes and breathtaking natural beauty; and Gothenburg is no different. The city centre is punctuated by green spaces, such as the riverside Kungsparken and the iconic Jubileumsparken, which juts out over the water. Take a picnic and spend a summer afternoon here, admiring the view back across the city.

4. Skansen Kronan

Offering unbeatable panoramas across the entire city, Skansen Kronan is a fortress dating back to the 1700s, set atop a hill just beneath the Haga neighbourhood. With only a 15-minute climb to the top, it’s the perfect place to head for sunset.

5. Swedish meatballs

Swedish cuisine is quickly becoming popular across the globe – and for good reason! With fresh, local ingredients and a wonderful array of meats and seafood, the dishes here are flavourful and delicious. Head to Smaka Restaurant for traditional yet modern dishes, or try the ornate food market Saluhallen for something a little lighter.

Abi Prowse – Zaftyg Contributing Author

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