An island surrounded by blue, the horizon waving hazily under the summer sun, Crete is sleepy, idyllic, yet simmering with life. The largest of the Greek islands, this European destination is a firm favourite among holidaymakers around the world, celebrated for its crystal-clear waters and laid-back lifestyle. When planning your next girls’ vacation, make sure that Crete is at the top of your list. Here’s why.

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There is a beach for everyone. Whether you’re an adventurous group, who longs to trek the dusty tracks which drop into crisp, rocky beaches, or whether you prefer the finer things in life, lounging by an Insta-worthy beach bar with a cocktail in hand, Crete is definitely not short of options. Along the northern coast, the town of Agios Nikolaos boasts a number of whitewashed beachside clubs, with music pulsing through the speakers long into the night. Head to Ammoudi Club or Almyros Beach.

A cuisine celebrated across the globe, Greek food is known for its gentle spices and succulent meats, which can be found everywhere across the island. Souvlaki and dolmades are two examples of popular dishes, along with freshly-caught seafood and fish. Make sure to try a gyro during your trip: a pitta sandwich filled with roasted meat, tomatoes, salad, tzatziki, and French fries.

Greece’s nightlife is unparalleled – but learn to train your body clock, first! Dinner can be eaten anytime between 10pm and 1am, whilst a night out usually begins at around 2am and finishes as the sun begins to rise. Rooftop bars such as Alexandros in Agios Nikolaos, which overlooks the beautiful city harbour, will have you dancing until your feet ache.

Abi Prowse – Zaftyg Contributing Author

A contributing writer and translator at Zaftyg & Onus Social, Abi works whilst traveling the world, documenting her experiences and stories through articles, blogs, and photographs. Born in France and based in Treviso, Italy, Abi is also the founder of Linguamore and Viaggio Magazine. She is a graduate from The University of Edinburgh. Connect with her via Instagram.

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