Gemini is the third natural sign in Vedic astrology and the sign of dual which because of the sign lord Mercury. The mercury is the planet of tricky it always acts based on the planet its conjunct and aspect, so it just behaves and adapts to based on planets its connected. Mercury is the planet of communication and intellectual skill, so Gemini people are basically good communicators and intellectuals and love to learn different things because they do not always get stuck into one thing for sure they always love to try many things in life for sure. They always attract to people who are very intellectual and interesting ones in life like a people who are ready to seduce the brain and teach them new things in life. Being a dual sign, they have dual nature in character times; they speak in both ways, which confuses others, and they easily get bored, and sometimes they fail to give importance to emotional values, which brings a minus in the relationship with others.

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Functional benefic of gemini

Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Rahu are considered functional benefic of Gemini. The planet Mercury is the ascendant lord and also the 4th lord, so naturally, this person will get a more intellectual and practical mother who always wants perfect in everything for sure, and also, no matter how malefically the Mercury is placed, it always ready to support the person in a most positive and powerful way, and also Mercury brings a lot of lucks through brokerages, marketing, audits or accounts wise on its dasa for sure. Venus, the lord of 5th and 12th which, is one of the most powerful benefic planets which brings luck and fame through women and the girl child always consider as the lucky one for this native and also they have high chances to earn money through food products exports or sweets or restaurants and garments exports on its dasa for sure. Saturn, which rules the 8th and 9th which considered another lucky planet for Gemini people times they feel like their father or guru will be more restricted and strict, but they are the one who teaches them a lot of maturity in life and also it helps natives to bring luck or gain assets through some death for sure. Rahu is always considered as good for Gemini because of its dual mentality, but Rahu doesn’t need to have a connection of both Saturn and Mars. If it means, then it has a negative and malefic effect on the Rahu dasa for sure.

Functional malefic of gemini

The Sun, Moon, Mars and Ketu are considered as a functional malefic for Gemini. Sun, which rules the 3rd, they have communication with little ego and dominance and most of them younger sibling will be a male for sure and short journey sometimes bring them heat-related situations in the body for sure and also they always have some ego war with their siblings for sure. The moon which rules the 2nd house, so I can it be waxing or waning nature can be seen in earning wise like some times they sound well and some times they weak financially and also the family atmosphere always with emotional bonds but a lot of mood swings and trouble in exposing emotions will happen in the home for sure. Mars, which rules 6th and 11th, so it brings enemies and diseases and also desires and network circle. They are always very quickly move on type in making a relationship with network circle, and passionate about finding new circle will give problem and misunderstanding on people with them in life sure. Ketu, which is a planet of wisdom, and Mercury which is the planet of intellectual and business-minded, which is very contrasting behavior, so Ketu always gives a negative impact to Gemini people if not connected with Jupiter or Venus in the chart.

Cancer is the sign which rules the 4th sign in Vedic Astrology, it is the symbol of motherhood and emotional and caring the cancer rules by moon so this rising always have waxing and waning nature inside which they keep themself in shell on when they are in mood swings and deep low energy.
TAURUS RISING: FUNCTIONAL BENEFICS AND MALEFICS BY MANIYAN ANNADURAI FOR ZAFTYG MAGAZINE. Taurus is the sign of earth which means the ascendant lord Venus always makes things as slow and steady and stable for sure Krittika, Rohini, and Mirgasrisha always come under this sign, and this sign rule the second sign in Vedic astrology. So it can be said like financial security is very much important for this sign and making things through financial growth …
Benefic and Malefic Planets: A 12 Part Series, so keep up! Keep Up! This is the 1st of the series, briefly explaining this Vedic Astrology Concept. Planets are always work on out its own nature and when things seems to be going good for someone, will always seems to be bad for others so the judging the good and bad are based on situation and circumstance of individuals life.
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