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Azarria White introduces herself as a New York Native with a passion for helping others. Her friends call her Z. She is an online fitness coach who focuses on helping determined women lose body fat, build muscle, and gain confidence to maintain their goals. She is also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Pre/Post Natal, Women’s Health Specialist.

In this interview, Azarria speaks about her fitness programs, how your inner power can be found in taking care of yourself through health and fitness, and why loving ourselves is so necessary.

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Z’s life motto is…

Stay ready so you never have to get ready!

When and why did you decide to become a fitness coach?

In 2017 I transitioned careers from Acting to full-time personal training. Truly the entertainment industry and the health and fitness industry. They have a lot more in common than most know. Making the transition very easy for me. Fitness has always been a huge passion of mine. If I was happy, I was at the gym. If I was sad, gym. Angry? Gym. Getting ready for an audition? Gym. Call back? Gym. You get it. The gym was my life and I thought to myself “this would make a career”. So here we are!

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What do you think is the biggest misconception about losing body fat and how do you address this?

The biggest misconception is that cardio is the best way to lose body fat. Though cardio is a great option and should absolutely be incorporated into your program, it is NOT the only way or best way to lose body fat. I like to inform all my clients that strength training is one of the best ways to not only loose body fat but also gain muscle. In all my programs every client is doing some form of strength training, it is a priority to achieving full results.

Describe your program/classes.

My program is a 90 day guided coaching that helps women not only achieve their health and fitness goals but maintain them for the long run. My programs help women understand that without learning how to maintain results the yo-yo dieting will never end.

How can people motivate themselves?

Motivation is a taboo subject. Most would say discipline is the true key. Motivation can only take you so far but discipline will ensure you stay true to yourself and your goals forever. But for those lacking discipline… motivation can come in many forms, an upcoming event, an upcoming vacation, a new outfit, seeing changes in your body, having your energy restored, improved sleep, all these things and more can help you stay motivated and on the course.

What role plays social media in your lifestyle?

Social media is unavoidable in today’s day and age. Social media is my number one marketing tool. It allows me to move others through movement and connect with my customers on a more personal level.

Do you take any supplements?

The only supplement, I have ever used is protein powder. I am a very big fan of protein powder especially for those who do not get enough from their daily eating habits.

How do you encourage a healthy lifestyle in your daily life?

My daily life revolves around my health and fitness. To create lasting results the key is embracing the entire process as a lifestyle change. Understanding that your old habits might no longer suit you on this new journey you are on. When you actually turn your healthy lifestyle into a true lifestyle it will be a part of your daily life regardless. Your healthy lifestyle and daily life don’t have to be separate from each other.

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What motivated you to start creating content about fitness?

Truly my fitness journey is what I am passionate about, so I started posting about it. It started motivating people and that made me continue to where I am today.

What are your thoughts on what’s next for fitness?

Fitness is bigger than it’s ever been. Every day more and more people realize how important their health truly is. It’s a beautiful thing. Fitness is becoming way more convenient for any and everyone and every schedule. More people are prioritizing their health and the fitness industry is adapting to the high demands in ways we’ve never seen.

Are abs sculpted in the kitchen?

ABSOLUTELY! We all have abs! Everyone. Proper nutrition is the best way for them to reveal themselves.

What motivates you to work out?

Working out is more like second nature these days. Actually, if I don’t work out or move my body I feel very off. My workouts are my “Me Time”. The time I get to myself everyone to focus on me and my body’s needs. It’s therapeutic.


How do you want you to help humanity forward?

I’d love to help more women realize that all the power can be found in taking care of themselves through health and fitness. Taking charge of your health can be so empowering not only physically but mentally. With everything going on in the world we need more women feeling empowered, positive, and loved by themselves. I’d like to help humanity remember that the greatest love of all is the love you give to yourself.

You can schedule a free consult and/or subscribe to one of her fitness personalized coaching at

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