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Harriet defines herself as a sustainable artist. She is versatile and easy to talk to. Her creativity advocates for mental health and self-care.

“Throughout my life I have always turned to The Arts as a form of therapy (without realising it!). Whether that was through painting, writing or acting, practising art anchors me to the present; it allows me to heal, process emotion and be with myself. With my drawings, I wanted to merge art with my appreciation for nature and to raise awareness to global warming in a different way through creating sustainable art. I am also the founder of art and well-being brand Burnt Orange City, which is all about connecting people to their innate creativity through creative and wellness practices. When we embrace creativity we live with more freedom, purpose and adventure, and less fear and stress – we go back to a child-like state, which is incredibly healing. We’re in the process of planning some virtual workshops so stay tuned!”, she tells us.

How does your art relate to women’s empowerment? What message is your art trying to send to people?

We are all nature, which means we are all connected. Often that is overlooked, which is leading to the demise and destruction of the planet. Earth is divinely feminine: it birthed us all and so, my art speaks to that. I hope to show the beauty and the power in the feminine in order to connect people to nature and to themselves. A lot of damage has been made, but I truly believe that it isn’t too late. 

Nature teaches us resilience; it continues to grow amidst change, and so can we. Through understanding and appreciating nature we can overcome our traumas as a collective. There is so much pressure to live, look and be a certain way, especially on social media. Just like nature, we are all unique and it’s in our so- called “flaws” that true beauty resides. Let them be reminders for how much we’ve grown and what we’ve overcome. 

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What is your favorite work and why does it reflect feminist and empowerment values?

One of my favorite works is ‘Banana Leaves Arched’ from my latest Jungle collection. It was inspired by my travels around South East Asia where banana leaves thrive in the tropical terrain. I am part Chinese and so I feel a strong link to the Far East. Banana leaves are incredibly adaptable; in some cultures they are used to wrap and present food, and in others they are used as paper to write on. This drawing seeks to remind people of the fragility and beauty of the earth and to work with it, instead of against it. 

This also applies to Feminism, which is not about females taking over the world as some claim – it is a rebalancing of the scales that have been tipped for too long. For me, Feminism is about appreciating the feminine in all of us and achieving global equality through equal opportunities.

Where is it possible to find and purchase your work? 

Prints are available in sizes A4 and A3 via my Etsy shop: harrietadkin 

All of my prints are eco-friendly. They are printed onto recyclable card made from post-consumer waste, using non-toxic ink, and are packaged in biodegradable, home-compostable wallets. I also donate 10% of profits to environmental charities each month. 

Banana Leaves Arched
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Get to know the female artists who are working to redefine womanhood through exquisite colors and powerful concepts. In this series, Zaftyg will celebrate their work, highlight their voices, and brush up on the idea that supporting women through the arts is the key to encouraging self-confidence, exposure, and creativity.

Follow Harriet and her work on her website, Instagram and Facebook.

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