The complete Lunar Eclipse of May 2022 is upon us! And this Eclipse is formed due to some specific alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Earth. A solar eclipse is formed when the Moon is aligned exactly between the Sun and the Earth. Conversely, a Lunar eclipse is formed when the Earth aligns exactly between the Sun and the Moon.

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In astrology, Rahu and Ketu are known as shadow planets. These are referred to as the shadow planets as they are mathematical points calculated from the Sun and the Moon. In astrology, a solar eclipse is formed when the Sun comes in the exact degree of the Rahu Ketu axis. On the contrary lunar eclipse is formed when the Moon is in the exact degree of the Rahu/ Ketu axis.

Eclipses are a very important phenomenon as it always denotes a massive energy shift occurring in the universe. The importance of eclipse is also due to the involvement of the Sun and the Moon. The Sun represents our soul and personality. Whereas the Moon represents our mind and emotions. For this reason, solar eclipse affects us on a physical level but a lunar eclipse affects us on a deeper emotional level.

The shadow planets Rahu and Ketu are always placed 7th from each other. This is due to their opposite characteristics. Rahu represents our future and Ketu represents our past. The Sun and the Moon coming in the exact alignment of Rahu and Ketu signifies a transformation occurring in our lives related to the past and future.

The complete Lunar eclipse of 2022 will occur on 16th May at around 1:32 am UTC. At the Zaftyg Headquarters in Los Angeles, CA, this Lunar Eclipse occurs May 15th, 9:14:08 pm. So this will change depending on your time zone and location of current residence. This lunar eclipse will occur in the sign of Libra in the Nakshatra of Vishakha at around 28°12’. The Moon, Rahu, and Ketu will be in the same alignment. This will be a significant eclipse as it will occur in the zodiac sign of Libra and will fall under the 1/7th axis of the zodiac.

During this transit, Rahu will be placed in the sign of Aries and Ketu will be placed in the sign of Libra. The sign of Aries is the 1st sign of the zodiac whereas the sign of Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac. Therefore, this eclipse will take place in the 1/7th axis of the zodiac system. The first house represents the head. This is house indicates the look, personality, and characteristics of an individual. Contrary to this the 7th house is also the house of others. This house is associated with business, marriage partnerships. A lunar eclipse involves the Moon which represents our mind, emotions, and thoughts. An eclipse occurring in this axis can indicate major changes occurring within the marriage and partnership. This eclipse will also indicate disbalance in a relationship and personal development.

During this transit, Sun and Mercury will transit the zodiac sign of Taurus. Venus and Jupiter will be in the zodiac sign of Pisces. Saturn and Mars will be in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. This eclipse will not receive any planetary aspect from any planets and will only involve Rahu, Ketu, and the Moon. Venus which is the ruler of the sign of Libra will be exalted in the sign of Pisces. This will have a positive impact on this eclipse. This also indicates that after the eclipse, positive changes are going to take place related to relationships.

The eclipse will take place in the nakshatra of Vishakha. The nakshatra of Vishakha is ruled by Jupiter and is symbolized by the two branches of the tree. Vishakha is also referred to as ‘the star of purpose.’ The nakshatra of Vishakha comes with duality and confusion with itself. A lunar eclipse occurring in this nakshatra indicates that the mind which was previously distracted and filled with confusion will now be oriented and focused towards a single goal after the eclipse. Jupiter will be in its own sign of Pisces which will empower the impacts of the eclipse.

A lunar eclipse is significantly more difficult to deal with as it has a deep emotional impact. During and around the time of eclipse an individual suffers from severe emotional and mental fluctuations. Some of the global effects that the lunar eclipse will have:

  • There will be struggles and conflicts within your relationship with your partner. This eclipse can throw light on some hidden secrets within the relationship.
  • This lunar eclipse can bring major changes in business and partnership globally. We can see some multinational companies breaking previous ties with their business partners and forming new ones.
  • During the eclipse session, we can also witness separation or divorce rates going up. This will mainly be due to miscommunication and differences in mindset. During the eclipse, one must control their ego.
  • Individuals will face a constant push and pull between their personal and professional life. You will go through major self-reflection and self-realization during this eclipse season.
  • Individuals will be forced to make some important life-changing decisions which they were previously running away from.
  • This lunar eclipse can bring major fluctuations within the share market and stock rates.
  • Aries is the sign of impulse and adventure. Whereas, Libra is the sign of balance and consistency. This eclipse will indicate a disbalance between self and others. This can further be elaborated as individuals will have to choose between what they want for themselves and what others want for them.

Rahu represents our future and the desires which we are inclined towards. Ketu represents our past and the things that we can fall back on. An eclipse occurring in the sign of Libra with Rahu in the sign of Aries and Ketu indicates a universal shift of energy from an individual self to the people around us. This eclipse will make us want to do something positive and good for society.

This eclipse will have a significant impact globally. Although, this eclipse will have more impact on individuals if their rising or Moon sign is Aries, Cancer, or Libra. Individuals running the dashas or time period of the Moon, Rahu, or Ketu will also experience a significant impact out of this eclipse.

Scorpios, they can always feel emotional balance when they move abroad or travel long distances, also they will get a Guru (teacher or guide) who will teach them and guide them about morals through emotional values. 
Libra is ruled by the Planet Venus and this sign includes the nakshatra of Chitra, Vishaka, and Swati by ruling the natural 7th sign it always indicates the sign of a relationship, business, love, and comfort zone.
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