Cancer Rising: Functional Benefics and Malefics By Maniyan Annadurai for Zaftyg Magazine

Welcome back readers from near and far, and of course life long astrology students! Let’s continue with our latest 12 part series about each Ascendant and the functional benefics and malefics for each in Vedic Astrology. Sidereal astrology, so not your rising in the Tropical zodiac system, you must count back 23 degrees, if you’re a Libra rising in tropical then you will be a Virgo ascendant in this case. Let’s discuss the most natures sign of all ruled by the Moon for which the entire zodiac system is based on, Cancer Lagnas. Cancer is the sign which rules the 4th sign in Vedic Astrology, it is the symbol of motherhood and emotional and caring the cancer rules by moon so this rising always have waxing and waning nature inside which they keep themself in shell on when they are in mood swings and deep low energy. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, which are considered as ‘shara rasi’.  the word ‘shara rasi’ means it is sign of fixed and activates so the planets always activate powerful. Among these four signs, the of cancer is always considered as special because this rising sign is ruled by the moon, which rules only the 1st house a Cancer Ascendant. Make sense? And at the same time this is the sign of intuitive power and intense feelings which they can easily sense the inner qualities of people. Punarvasu ,Pushya, Ashlesha, these are the nakshatras which comes under the ruling sign of cancer and Punarvasu is the nakshatra of higher spirituality and higher knowledge. Also wisdom and Pushya is a nakshatra of the healer, service to others and hard working. Ashlesha is the nakshatra of practical and communicative and highly intuitiveness. The moon ruling this rising sign, so the moon always needs to be in waxing position which will be good for cancer rising people. Considering learning astrology? We want to give you the tools to become the sage and guru in your community. Join us on UdemyContemporary Approach to Astrology, you’ll have full access to course material to use for your future practice.

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Functional benefic of cancer rising people.

Sun, moon, mars, jupiter and ketu are considered as the functional benefic of the cancer rising people or cancer ascendant but in sidereal zodiac. The sun which rules the 2nd house for these natives, which is the house of speech, values, earning ability and family after marriage, so these people always get the social status and authority and promotions after marriage for sure. But at the same time mars which rules the 5th and 10th house houses for these natives, which is consider as symbol of luck and fortunes! So lucky! And children, so the luck can be come through father or even after child in life for sure. There are high chances for most of the people that work in building construction and real estates and social services for sure. The moon which rules the 1st house and ascendant for these natives, so naturally it will always be good if it is placed in ‘waxing’ phase energy, not in waning energy. Why? Because the ascendant lord in waxing energy, which is considered as good and powerful to lead the successful life for sure. Jupiter which rules the 6th and 9th houses, so their father is like a strict guru in they life and at the same time they’re naturally inclined into the social services in life. In the future or older age or even second phase of life, these people have high chances to work related to banking, gold and finance and even teaching thus becoming that spiritual guru as Jupiter rules the 9th house of teaching. Ketu is always considered to be good or bad depending upon sign it placed, this also depends of the planets, its conjunctions and its aspects. This is regardless of gender of the native.


Functional malefic of cancer rising.

Saturn, mercury, venus and rahu are considered as functional malefic of the cancer ascendant. Saturn which rules the 7th and 8th houses, which brings very disciplined, cold and strict wife or partner who has lot of principle. Principles that every one has to follow and also a lot of transformation can be happen after the marriage, but its good transformation or bad transformation depending upon planets conjunct and aspect by saturn. Because the moon always is highly desirable and saturn will always go against desire. So the highest enemy to each other. Mercury which rules 3rd and 12th houses. So their communication always bring conflicts and misunderstandings. And can end up in loosing a lot of relationships, because of miscommunication. At the same time mercury rules brain and thought process and moon rules the heart and emotions, so the heart and brain will always have internal conflicts. Conflicts in making decisions and at the same time these people have chances to work in marketing, sales and corporate companies for sure. Venus which rules their 4th and 11th so they always get most comfortable in their properties and in their cars and home life. But the relationship with mother will always be non emotional. Because venus is financial desires and moon is emotional desires, so these two contrast and bring contradicting activities. This will bring misunderstanding between the mother and child, at the same time these are who gain and succeed their personal desire, through their female network circle for sure. As Rahu is considered as the biggest malefic to the moon because it brings darkness and eclipse to moon energy, at the same time if rahu is under the influence of jupiter or in jupiter’s signs such as Sagittarius or Pisces or 9th or 12th houses, it will control the negative energy and try to support the cancer rising people in life.

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The Sagittarius is considered the 9th sign and house in Vedic Astrology and Sagittarius is traditionally ruled by Jupiter. Which is one of the Moola Trikona Rashi(sign) of Jupiter and any planets which fall in Sagittarius which is considered positive. Welcome back to all of our students from the Udemy Course – Contemporary Approach to Astrology. Follow on with these easy-to-read articles in Zaftyg magazine while …
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