There is so much to adore about Lisbon, the best restaurants in Lisbon. Whether you fall for its charmingly haphazard streets, its vibrant locals, or its breathtaking views, the Portuguese capital is one of Europe’s most well-loved cities. But whilst Lisbon is known for its cosmopolitan mindset and international community, it has never lost touch with its traditions, woven so firmly into the fabric of the city’s identity. One of the easiest ways to connect with Lisbon’s culture? Through its unique, flavorful cuisine.


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Within this guide, we’ll walk you through the city’s best places to sample traditional Portuguese food. Each located within a different neighborhood, and each specializing in a differing aspect of the city’s vast culinary scene, these 3 restaurants should find themselves at the top of your bucket list for your next trip to Lisbon. Read on for our suggestions.

O Palácio, Alcântara

Perched at a crossroads within the quintessentially local neighborhood of Alcântara, don’t be fooled by this restaurant’s modest exterior; O Palácio is coveted city-wide for its unbeatable fish dishes. Stepping through the doorway, you are immediately swept up in a wave of commotion, convivial chatter echoing from the intricately-tiled walls. Gurgling fish tanks of freshly-caught shellfish are dotted throughout the dining room, as waiters flit from table to table, arms laden with bottles and trays. The food here is simple yet delicious, the freshness of the ingredients speaking for itself. Make sure to try the crab.

Zé da Mouraria 2, Anjos

In-keeping with the community-led traditions of Portuguese culture, almost every dish on the menu at Zé da Mouraria 2 is made for sharing – so arrive on an empty stomach! Located within the hilltop neighborhood of Anjos, this traditional haunt finds itself decidedly set apart from the well-trodden tourist trail of the city centre, which only adds to its charm. Gather a group of friends and settle in for an evening characterised by this restaurant’s delicious Portuguese wines, hearty dishes, and perennially-friendly service. Mainly frequented by locals, Zé da Mouraria 2 offers one of the most authentic dining experiences within the city.

A Nossa Casa, Bairro Alto

Celebrated throughout the city for its flawless fusion of traditional Portuguese petiscos and tangy Brazilian flavors, A Nossa Casa is a compact eatery tucked into one of the Bairro Alto’s trademark cobblestone streets. This restaurant boasts an interior as quirky as its menu, simultaneously cosy and modernized. With only a limited number of tables, A Nossa Casa truly lives up to its name, meaning ‘our house’ in Portuguese; the friendly, welcoming waiters will make you feel immediately at home, offering suggestions and talking you through the creative dishes they have on offer. Order a range of their tapas-style dishes to share, and sample the vibrant flavors of the two cuisines.

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