There was a time when I thought I knew everything. Stressed? Meditation to ease the nerves. Frustrated? I would pour myself a glass of wine. What I didn’t know is that I was neglecting my mental health by being obsessed with controlling every single detail. In order to tell this story properly, though, I’d need to revisit the week prior to my flight to Azores in an attempt to run away.  I was struggling with the concept of letting go. My friends knew that my sense of identity was disappearing through my fingers, so we packed our bags and traveled together.

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When we arrived at Lagoa do Fogo – one of the most iconic places in the island – Rita gave me a necklace with an ancient symbol. When I asked her what it symbolized, she laughed. Even Rita had no idea, she professed to me that “special times require special pieces”.

Jewelery seems to be a powerful statement everywhere we go.  I recall hearing that we should buy it for ourselves more frequently. As an inspiring woman once told me, “to me, for me, love me” must be the mindset while purchasing it.

Couldn’t make more sense.

This trip was not a romantic getaway.  Along with the nature and scenic views that emerged in front of our eyes was self-love, sitting side by side with us. “Sorority” saved me. There, in the mineral-laden water from volcanic springs, I became certain of who I was.

Letting go takes strength, takes heart, takes something human out of you. But let me stop you right there. This journey had a purpose bigger than surfing or hanging out. In the middle of the Atlantic, I made peace with the fact that no one can know everything, however, that is ok, as long as we have the right people beside us.

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