Our goal at Zaftyg is to share as much information and encourage learning in all forms. That includes you learning how to analyze, read, navigate and predict your own planetary energy so that you may live your best life! Through Zaftyg you will rediscover your higher self and your own consciousness that is of course connected to the collective consciousness. We welcome you on your astrological journey! Namaste. Read our latest astrological articles here.

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It is said that the sign of Gaia (earth) is a Libra, and that there are around 26,000 years of the ascending and descending cycles. We cannot see the houses in which this is in, so therefore we will look from the 2000 years Cycles, currently we’re in Pisces and move into the Age of Aquarius in about 432 years. In these cycles all the planets have their own cycles and times to circle the sun. We at Zaftyg look at Astrology as a science information that should be shared, studied and researched with the masses. In fact, in Vedic Astrology the moon sign and ascendant (rising) signs are used to calculate along with your Rahu and Ketu placements that set the tone of a chart’s life cycles. It’s an occult art that is been hidden to the masses and some have even persecuted for it. We are however, at the end of a 2000 year cycle of Pisces, which is thought to have started with the birth of Jesus Christ. Some even say the three Kings were astrologers following the north star to find the new born king. With a skilled eye and objective approach, we can predict similar major life cycles repeated through out history and in our own lives with Rahu and Ketu, which are the lunar nodes that transition completely through the twelve signs of the Zodiac every 18 years, with this we can predict the major life cycles and patters in ones chart. Zaftyg was founded based on astrological calculations and our founder has spent the last 25+ years studying and researching this science based in Geometry. For more accurate and specific date and time predictions should be done with Vedic Astrology (Sidereal), which is aligned with current planetary placements used my astronomers. Use the above complimentary horoscope for some insight on your life, on a spiritual revolution, travel, health, career, love and even money on the stock market!

As Above, So Below.

If you’re a skilled astrologer or learning as you go, you can find your Complimentary Vedic Natal Chart here. When you’re ready to compare your Western (Tropical) Astrology, you can find your Complimentary Western Natal Chart here and this is where you can also find your natal’s chart Astrocartography scalable map for the best destinations or places to live. Keep in mind that it is a science and as such one still has the power of free will, we at Zaftyg like to think of surrendering to the Universe (God) and free will are like a meticulous dance that one must balance. Astrology is a refined balance between Science and Art. Know when to surrender and know when to use your intuition and free will to instigate changes in areas of your life that do you and the whole of humanity well. You and you alone must still live and navigate your own life and with astrology if you know what’s around the corner, you can better prepare and live in the present as you are the creator of your universe. Until we cross paths again, here are latest astrological articles from Zaftyg Magazine!