Aspects in Vedic Astrology by Maniyan Annadurai for Zaftyg Magazine

Planets play a very important role in human life; what happens in human life will surely decide only by the planets. Here I love to discuss the aspects of planets and how aspects influence the chart in Vedic astrology. Out of 9 planets, 7 planets are considered. All the planets will receive the light from the sun and reflect earth, like light (Jyotish) theory, I already mentioned that lights are decided by the exalted and debilitated and friendly and enemy signs. As always I am here as the admin to our Contemporary Approach to Astrology Course ready to answer your questions and reply to your assignments and quizzes. For those that would like a professional Jyotish astrology reading, you may purchase below and set your appt.


Aspects mean the lights received from the sun are reflected from planets to planets, called aspects. So, out of 9 planets, 7 are considered to have aspects of each other, except for Rahu and Ketu.

Because Rahu and Ketu are shadows that don’t have any permanent house to own, the remaining 7 planets will aspect the 7th house from its place. Still, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars have unique aspects.

Like Saturn aspect 3 7 10 from it placed and mars aspect 4 7 8 from it placed and Jupiter aspect 5 7 9 from it placed. Why do these three planets have special aspects? Because Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are placed in the outer circle of the earth will change in gravitational force in the outer circle of the earth, makes to particular aspects for these planets. Sun aspect will be 50 percent good and 50 percent bad.


For the moon, its full moon means the aspect will be highly good, like Jupiter. If its new moon means highly malefic like Saturn, Mercury, if its sole means its aspect will be good. If its conjunct mean depends upon which planet it is conjunct, we can consider it good or bad. Mars aspect is 80 percent bad, 20 percent good. Saturn’s aspects are 100 percent bad. Jupiter aspect 100 percent is good.

This is a basic theory of aspects of the planet. but malefic like Saturn Mars aspects every time will not be 100 percent malefic. It depends upon the influence of Jupiter or Venus and if there is a full moon aspecting them. For example, if Saturn or Mars are conjunct or aspect by Jupiter or full moon or if Venus means it will reduce the malefic effect of Saturn and Mars. This means that aspect will not affect the houses of the chart. So depending on the strength of Venus or Jupiter or the full moon, which influence Saturn or Mars will surely decide the reduction of negative influence in aspects of a natal chart.

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