Benefic and Malefic Planets: A 12-Part Series, so keep up! Keep Up! By Maniyan Annadurai for Zaftyg and remember, this is based on Vedic Astrology. Don’t know your Vedic Astrology Ascendant? Check out Astrosage! This is the 1st of the series, briefly explaining this Vedic Astrology Concept. Planets are always worked on out their nature and when things seem to be going good for someone, they will always seem bad for others, so judging the good and bad are based on the situation and circumstance of an individual’s life. Likewise, if all benefic planets are not needed to be beneficial for everyone, all malefic planets need to be malefic for everyone. the benefic and malefic all depend upon the individual chart. In this 12 Part series, I am going to share the benefits and malefic of all 12 zodiac risings in Vedic Astrology. What do benefic and malefic mean in astrology? Providing either positive or negative results and this is where we figure out in someone’s chart where they must do remedies according to a professional astrologer.

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In our latest series of astrology, we’ve chosen to focus on the benefic and malefic nature of each planet based on your Sidereal sign. And we mean Vedic Astrology and preferably based on your Ascendant or Moon sign in Lahiri system. For those that have taken our Udemy Course – Contemporary Approach to Astrology these will be available in your online access. Let’s jump right into it like an Aries would! Aries is the sign of fire, spice and passion. The sign of Aries is ruled by none other than Mars traditionally. So we can say that Mars is the soldier, the warrior or brave man (woman or nonbinary) and sometimes it comes with lot of aggression for Aries people. With the fiery Aries energy, it is always headstrong, dominating, childlike, extremely quick and restless.

They always want to be active and never be lazy and are very target-oriented and self-care. They always care more about themself and always put themself first in everything. They always get a partner who will be a more attractive and kind and charming person because Venus rules the 7th lord and also Venus rules the 2nd lord too so most of the people will get financial growth after their partner came in their life. Sometimes because of the Aries’ native life they have a need to a short temper and passionate nature they may face enemies that they need to avoid for sure.

Functional benefic of Aries Rising

Mars, Jupiter, The Sun, Venus and the Moon are always consider as fuctional benefic for an Aries rising or Ascendant.  As Mars rules the 1st and 8th houses, so the ascendant lord and is also 8th lord. So they are the responsible for they own transformation it may be a good or bad it depends upon Dasa system. The Moon rules their 4th lord, so moon always makes the person to support in buying properties and cars in the dasa or antadasa of the moon. At the same time it gives the native as more fortunate and caring mother (other factors with other planets may affect this) and Jupiter rules 9th and 12th houses, so the long distance journey at settlement is possible during Jupiter dasa. At the same time a kind of more spiritual and wisdom father in life. The Sun rules the 5th house, so always luck can be happen through father and higher authorities. There are high chances to get higher positions after child birth. Venus rules over the 2nd and 7th houses, so the income and lucks can come through marriage and women.


Functional malefic of Aries rising

Saturn and Mercury are two functional malefic for the Aries Rising, because Saturn rules the 10th and 11th houses for Aries, but Saturn is always considered the biggest enemy for Mars. Saturn makes this person gain through steel, oil, machines, plastics in career. Mercury is one the biggest malefic than Saturn, it rules 3rd and 6th houses. So it always gives disease, debts and unwanted short travels. Saturn and Mercury both will activate it functional malefic nature on its dasa or antadasa period for sure.

Rahu and Ketu are considered as benefic or malefic depending upon sign and conjunction and aspect and house placement in the chart. Before making a proper analysis we must review the entire chart’s placements. We’ll see you in the next article!

Cancer is the sign which rules the 4th sign in Vedic Astrology, it is the symbol of motherhood and emotional and caring the cancer rules by moon so this rising always have waxing and waning nature inside which they keep themself in shell on when they are in mood swings and deep low energy.
TAURUS RISING: FUNCTIONAL BENEFICS AND MALEFICS BY MANIYAN ANNADURAI FOR ZAFTYG MAGAZINE. Taurus is the sign of earth which means the ascendant lord Venus always makes things as slow and steady and stable for sure Krittika, Rohini, and Mirgasrisha always come under this sign, and this sign rule the second sign in Vedic astrology. So it can be said like financial security is very much important for this sign and making things through financial growth …
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