Britney Spears – Natal Chart discussion for my students on Udemy and newcomers. On a side note, I think I failed to mention why I think her marriage partner will be foreign. Based on Britney’s sidereal chart Saturn in the first is delay some marriage and partnerships and the 7H is pisces which is foreigner. 10 courses available to the public for free! While supplies last, first come, first serve!

Introduction and overview of the Contemporary Approach to Astrology Course. Currently the 10 courses are available free to the public with Coupon Code: 9A472977E17D041ED1D1 

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Before you began this Astrology course or any other, it is highly recommended that you have a very clear understanding of both the traditional meanings of the houses and planets, as this will dictate a higher accuracy when predicting or giving astrological readings. Why? Though the use of Sun signs has brought main stream media to astrology since the early 1900’s, it’s important to understand astrology as a whole. You are not just your sun sign, you are not just your moon sign and you are not just your rising or ascendant either. It’s important to analyze the chart as a whole. It’s important to not give biased predictions only based on one placement and take into account all houses and all planets in each sign. For example: My sun sign in Western is Cancer, however, I would not only take into consideration to location of the sign in which house. Where the ruler of cancer is which is moon. In addition, one may have a stellium of planets, such as myself I have a stellium in Libra on the Ascendant. When we look at Vedic or Sidereal systems, the Ascendant and Moon sign play important roles, not the sun, however wherever the sun is placed is where you will always have a spotlight, hence the begging of main stream astrology and sun signs. Everyone has aries someone in their chart, everyone has pisces someone in their chart regardless if there are planets there or not, the house that it falls in and the ruler location are important. This is not your mainstream astrology course and I use my own approach to astrology based on my own personal research over the last 25 years.


Here is 1.5 hours worth of discussion for Britney Spears for 2021-2029 in both systems:

This course is different in it’s approach to astrology, as a research astrologer I like to take into consideration all of the natal charts, progressions, and divisional charts available to give the best advise when needed. I use multiple techniques and methods from both the tropical and sidereal systems.

I have never know a person that walked into astrology without asking bigger questions. With astrology we can see many things. It’s a general rule of thumb not to predict death or diagnose. Unless otherwise a licensed and qualified professional. When in doubt, seek professional help if needed. And they do exists! 

I have used astrology to understand many things in my own life from mental illness (genetic), to incurable diseases such as cancer, and use it on a regular basis in my daily life for the Stockmarket (Disclaimer* not a financial advisor), for choosing auspicious days to have surgery or signs contracts and buying my lotto tickets. I’ve enjoyed traveling and documenting both my husband’s and I’s experience with Astro-Cartography in at least 22+ countries. I have been conducting private research on mental illness. It is my hope one day that we might just use astrology to help diagnosis someone early before a terminal stage of cancer. Like myself, I was diagnosed with metatastic ovarian cancer at only 28 around my Saturn return in the first house. No, that one statement does not mean you’ll get cancer.*** I still believe western medicine and experienced surgeons help save my life. With the help of alternative healing such as Reiki and Astrology. With Pluto about to arrive in the air sign of Aquarius, many astrologers sense a wave of Uranus also bring in the future. For those with Pluto in Libra, Pluto in Aquarius is a sister sign, this will be a pivotal time for you, myself included.

In this course I share my thoughts on #Airbnb IPO from December 2020 and it’s future on the Stockmarket. Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. I have updated the financial portion with my top Cannabis IPO’s for the US Stockmarket. And I have also updated the Astro-Cartography section with more examples.

But this course, this course is probably suited for those that are willing to take a sit in the driver’s seat of their own life. Those that want to understand astrology to apply it to their daily lives and use what they learn from this course to help live in the moment in their own lives. For those that want to take an active part in understanding what their life holds. Everyone has a god given talent, you’ll find it in the navamsa chart in sidereal – 6th house. Whatever that is, that is your god given talent and you will do well regardless. 

This is not mainstream typical astrological meanings, these are very on the nose and direct meanings. Either you’ll have to get away from the mainstream definitions a bit and evil (progressed charts!!) and/or ideally don’t know much but are eager to learn a bit of research from many perspectives.

Would love to hear back from my students with questions, as I may need to further explain something and add another video to specific areas. 

I will answer 1-3 question for all of my students about your personal natal chart and at the end of this 50+ lecture course, you’ll receive an official certificate. 

I am also the author of the ‘For the Curious Astrology basics’ E-Book, which is included in this course along with other course materials. At the moment this course has 50 lectures, note that I will be adding more soon. that you can download and reference back to at anytime. I am the founder and editor at and Zaftyg Magazine. You can find additional reading on a weekly basis. As always, ask questions. I’ll do my best to respond with 24-48 hours. 

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Ms. Rodriguez-Udy

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P.P.P.S. Here is 1.5 hours worth of discussion for Britney Spears for 2021-2029 in both systems: