Thanks for the bday wishes everyone. On to more important things, and I’d like to take the opportunity to share my thoughts on the possibilities where we can all agree we need the basics covered. It’s not enough to just hear each other out and yet keep the division so strong. We may not all agree, but one thing for sure is that the current system doesn’t work anymore and the American people need to change, adjust and adopt a new rhetoric. Below is a list of ways we can all move forward.

Iron sharpens Iron

Official languages English and Spanish

Reform ICE as a transitional support into the US and/or build a military partnership with Mexico Immigration Reform – DACA – to create a clear pathway to citizenship. If the older generation is making our economy an upside down triangle and we need all hands on deck then we need to introduce an immigration reform to help boost our economy. There needs to be transitional programs. ICE is already established, so let’s turn this into a transition program to help immigrants adjust without segregation.

Remove the Electoral College. This is outdated, and more than one thing on our constitution needs to reformed. If America is a democracy we need more political parties on the Presidential ballot. This would open the possibilities of a strong independent candidate. Freedom is about having choices, so why don’t we have more?

Mandatory voting with automatic registration at the age of 18.

Universal Healthcare Reform – Cancer Act – Disabilities Reform – Gun Reform – Mental Healthcare – Hearing Aids and Dental Care. Free care for cancer patients and support.

Early Childhood Education Reform – this is a social issue and children need to be able to socially adapt in their primary impact years of development.

No school segregation based on language – Adult education – Free University – free internet – free energy – free ebook libraries and computers – easy access to iPads and other electronic devices is vital.

Critical Race Theory – stop brushing things under the rug and address them. Introduce cultural exchange programs within the US from state to state.

Stronger family unit programs – something similar to the au pair program in France.

Stronger programs for the Arts – otherwise what are we fighting for?

Restructure Criminal justice – introduce a bill to fund for mitigate this for everyone.

Prisons need to look different than what they are now. Legalize Cannabis on a federal /medical level – this will help the economy flourish. Both Canada and Mexico have done this. Research psychedelics for mental illness, schizophrenia, depression.

Mental Health care support in schools, prisons and hospitals.

Gender equality

Minimum wage $17 per hour

Mobile infrustructure – highways, bullet speed trains, different aircraft

Mobilize our youth to move around in cultural exchange and non traditional learning to give experience.

Affordable housing for all – no exception, no one goes without the basic human needs.

Introduce Bill for Astrological Research for Medical Advancement in fields such as psychiatry and cancer treatment (I’ll share my chart for those interested).

Limitations on data privacy and collections on Social Networks and big tech.

The policy needs to change for Billionaires not paying taxes.

Cyber attack reform – work closely with NATO and improve for our International Affairs.

Allow small businesses to help smaller communities or create new communities that work for the American people. I don’t have all the answers but we are not at the point of damage control. This is how America will flourish.

We the people decide this, it’s time to take personal responsibility and demand the changes that are in the best interest of all Americans equally.

What would you like to add to this list? How are you helping humanity move forward?

Yours truly,

Heather E. Rodriguez-Udy

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