About us

Welcome to Zaftyg!

About Zaftyg, it is a community space for the forward thinking woman! We are a progressive lifestyle brand and online magazine focused on delivering high quality products and starting meaningful conversations. No matter how you identify, we are here to help you look your best, and live your best life!

About Zaftyg, it is an evolution of the Yiddish word Zaftig – a full figured woman or plump in shape. Our brand supports all women and those that identify as women, and all those who accept themselves for who they truly are. This includes any being that identifies as a woman too. We take PRIDE in standing with the with anything that aligns for the higher good of our communities.

We feature some of the world’s luxurious artisan handcrafted products that are either eco-friendly, organic, vegan and most of all sustainable. While not all of our products meet this standard of ours, we are working towards it and greatly appreciate your patience and support. Your purchase goes towards smaller global economies and countless Zaftyg Affiliate Program companies, small business, local artists or a non-profits, many from which are owned and operated by minorities and women from around the globe. Join the Zaftyg team as a Vendor! Register here and start selling your brands products today!

Your purchase is directly supporting our Zaftyg team of entrepreneurs, contractors and freelancers from around the globe. We are doing our part in offering support for a better life – work balance for our team, so that our we may live well balance life. Learn more about our Zaftyg team here!

Omniscient Life Approach

Zaftyg is the forward thinking evolution and physical manifestation of our visionary Founder and is a direct reflection of everything she stands for, finding truth in every thing and person she meets.

Starting Honest Conversations

As well as offering elegant, high quality products, Zaftyg is also an inclusive and diverse online magazine. We work with experienced contributing authors from across the globe, who each offer a unique perspective on the world in which we live. Our goal is to start deep, meaningful conversations about a variety of important topics. These include, but aren’t limited to health – mental, physical and spiritual, as well as beauty, cuisine, culture, fashion, politics, travel and astrology.

Zaftyg Mission Statement

Zaftyg is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and is owned and run by a minority woman, who supports equality for all and strives to bring about this change in the world. Below is the Zaftyg mission statement:

“To Awaken and Manifest the Power in the People by leading healthy conversations, diversity, culture, equality, and justice, helping move humanity forward as a collective balanced community.”


We are always open to your comments and suggestions, or partnerships, send us an email here. Investor Relations please send us an email here.