A country celebrated for its vivacity, its warmth, and its vibrant nightlife, Spain is one of Europe’s most popular destinations. With each region decidedly different from the last, you are never short of places to explore or cultures to discover within this vast country. Here are 4 of our favourite Spanish cities.

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Renowned for its laid-back, beachside vibes and – of course – for its paella, Valencia is one of Spain’s most well-visited cities. Whether you enjoy exploring the historic city centre, with its mish-mash of architectural styles, or prefer to spend the day lazing by the water, Valencia has so much to offer. Take a look at our city guide here.


A cluster of bright white houses, interspersed with intricate, coloured tiles, Seville is undeniably beautiful. Famous for its orange trees, which are spattered across the cobbles of the city centre, Seville’s architecture is ornate and unique, its late-night bars filling the streets with the sounds of flamenco.


With its shaded alleyways and beautiful artwork, Barcelona is rustic yet modern, busy yet tranquil. A city which pulses with life at any hour, Barcelona is sprawling and cosmopolitan, whilst also never losing sight of its Catalan roots.


The capital city of Spain, Madrid is thriving and metropolitan, home to just over 3.2 million people. Known for its wide boulevards, large green spaces, and imposing architecture, the city is teeming with life, and makes the perfect destination for a long weekend getaway.

Abi ProwseZaftyg Contributing Author

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