Do you love fancy coffee? There is no longer any need to step into a restaurant to enjoy your favorite cup. YES! You can stay home and prepare a different one every day, using tasty ingredients. Caffeine lovers alert: to start the week with some extra motivation, Zaftyg shares some of the most delicious coffee recipes from all over the world.

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Cafe Borgia

This Italian serving needs hot chocolate, whipped cream, and grated orange peels as its main ingredients. Take two cups of strong Italian coffee and mix it with another two cups of hot chocolate. You can make the proportion as per your need, but the coffee and the chocolate ratio must be the same. Pour it into the mug, add the cream and the orange peel, and it’s ready!

Irish Coffee

A cup of Irish Coffee lights up the mood and fascinates in a truly Irish way. A cup of Irish Coffee requires Irish whiskey, cream, and sugar. Prepare a cup of strong coffee, then add one shot of Irish whiskey and the amount of sugar you need. Put the cream on the top, and it’s ready for the shot!

Caribbean Coffee

This is a sweet coffee for a sweet mood. Experience the taste of coconut in a tart flavor. You need: baked grated coconut, coconut water, milk, sugar, and cream if you’d like a little change. Make three cups of strong coffee. Mix the grated coconut, milk and coconut water in a pan and heat it until it is creamy. Put some extra grated coconut in the cup to be served, pour the coffee, and the pre-prepared milk mixture, along with some sugar. The first sip will take you to the beaches of Caribbean!

The Mexican Mocha

You’ll require two cups of strong coffee, chocolate syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, and whipped cream for the mocha to comfort you in the scorching sun. Mix the chocolate syrup, cream, cinnamon, sugar and nutmeg in a cup. Pour strong coffee into the mug and add little bit of cinnamon. Add some chocolate syrup and stir well. Pour the mixture of cream over it. Drink it, and feel it!

While trying these coffee recipes, you will become a coffee expert. Be bold in your coffee preparations and surprise your friends and loved ones.

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